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I am so proud!!!

HT from Mo

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My oldest daughter will be receiving her Bronze Award on May 18th. This is the highest award for Junior Girl Scouts. Her troop(all 19 girls)have worked hard on this project all year.

They re-decorated a room at one of the Ronald McDonald houses in Kansas City. Their theme was "Paris". The girls spent some of their cookie money to purchase the items. There were some decorating restrictions but they worked around them and it turned out great! That evening they also cooked a mexican meal for the parents.

I was not able to be there but I will post pictures as soon as I get them!


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How cool is that!!! Congratulations to you and your daughter! It's so wonderful to see kids that are committed to making a difference.

Let me tell you something quickly. The day after my granddaughter, Jessi, was born she had to have surgery on her spine for her spina bifida. That day my son, Shaun, talked with the hospital about the Ronald McDonald home available to him so that he and/or his wife could stay nearby during Jessi's surgeries. He was very relieved to know that there was some nearby place he could be when she'd need him over the next two months she was hospitalized.

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You know, we have a Ronald McDonald's House at our McMaster University Hospital so families can stay near their children if they're hospitalized for more than a coupleof days.

My son is a kidney patient, andwe watch him closely. His Dad spent three nights sleeping in Emerb. because the little 10-year-old wanted him by his side all the time. But if he's ever there again, and a little more independent, and needs a long stay, it's nice to know Ronnoe's house is there if the family ever moved out of town for some reason,and we needed to stay there to see our little guy.

The Mother's Day telethon is coming up shortly, and since proceeds go to Ronald McDonald House, I intend to make a donation on my son's behalf.

There really ARE some wonderful young people out there who want to make a difference, and special people come in all sizes and ages. smile

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Wow Beth

The Bronze Award is a Big deal !

I know a lot of work went into it, Congratulation! You should be very proud.

I believe that the Girl Scouts do a great job in developing character and confidence in young ladies.

I still have friendships with Girls I was in scouts with, happy

Make new friends but keep the old....


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A coupleof years ago, my daughter was doing modelling and loving it. Then she quit. Why? Her lack of self-esteem. She's pretty, and with that little mascara and slight lipstick, she's good on film. Her step-sister can't even stick to school,a man or anything else, so that wasn't any help. Now, we are trying to repair the bad influence.

We didn't pressure her to stick to it because it wouldn't have been fair, but darn it, why can't kids stick to things in these times? Maybe it's because their parent's can't stick together, or their peers make fun of them, I don't really know.

Kudos to those children who stick it out, and their parents for letting them do so.

I'd rather she be in Girl Guides (our version of Girl Scouts) than on MSN, or watching TV or sticking the ipod into her ears all the time.

And Tony, back to the dungeon!

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