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Congratulations Grandma Sugarbabi!


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Congradulations Cheri !!! spin

The baby is absolutely beautiful !! I bet she takes after her grandma !! Little girls are such a joy !

She's so lucky to have a grandmother like you. heartpump I'm sure you'll teach her all the ropes and have her in the Soda Shoppe in no time !!

What a wonderful ending to this year and a happy

start for the new year !

Best wishes to you and your family on this blessed event !


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And the first sentence started out so well, Tony, and then you turned back into your evil twin, Mr. Bane. arrgh LOL

Thanks everyone. We were wondering if she was ever gonna get here as she passed three doctor predicted birth dates. They finally had to be a bit more persuasive and invite her again. She finally put in an appearance, but wasn't happy about it and let everyone know loudly and with gusto. happyheartpump

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I know. Of course, now I have to replace my carpeting in the living room.

I'm sending Mini-Sug a couple of training CD's on maintenance of a Wurlitzer and the "Sticky Truth About Duct Tape".

I figure then when she's finished those, we can start teaching her all kinds of things about the Soda Shoppe, like:

A. How to avoid the Knight Patrol

B. The care and feeding of undesireables (mean fellers).

C. Training "some people" (hear that Bane) to clean up after themselves.

D. The total adoration of all things chocolate.

Important stuff like that. winkhappy

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SugarB, congrats! I'm sure you're in for a lot of fun.

Speaking of fun, the "overdue" thing must have been a joy for mom. My first daughter was 8 days late, and it was a LOOOOOONG 8 days.... She had a sense of drama even as a newborn. The little twist of fate was, instead of a late-August birthday, she has a Sept. 1 birthday. The cutoff date for starting school here is Aug. 31, so she started kindergarten a year later than she otherwise would have.... It's just as well, however; I'd rather have her be the oldest than the youngest in her class. (She's in 1st grade now.)

Anyway, congrats, and let the spoiling begin!


PS: Hey, I just noticed: Sami has the same birthday as Phil (Sterling) and me (11/30). Happy day!

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