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"BAAAD! Ideas"!


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Marvin...Even the EC.Com Orthodox Observers like myself can wander when distracted by young Anna...So to get back into your good graces...another bad idea....

Restaurants charging for refills of coke and/or coffee when you pay $2.00 for your beverage in the first place. baby -Ira.

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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini was a "song" with not much "rapping," if any, as I remember. It was a "novelty song" though. It was not my usual fare, but cute. I *bought* a yellow polka dot bikini, Ira, both kinds: (one with YELLOW polka dots and a YELLOW one with {black} polka dots) because I never knew exactly what Brian Hyland meant. smile

I LOVED Brian Hyland though--I'll bet he still sounds (and LOOKS) great! Nice guy too! I was only 14 when I met him. I think he was 18. What a doll! Too bad I never got to wear either of my bikinis for him...

smile --Darlene

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Darlene...Marvin lectured me...and correctly too... on goin' off on tangents...BUT Brian Hyland is part of a Bobby Vee Package Show.He still sings like an angel...looks great...and was both blessed and cursed.

"Sealed With A Kiss" and "Itsy Bitsy"...Forever marked him as a "lightweight" performer ...BUT has allowed him to work consistently as a performer.

I will send you a CD of ""Brian Hyland's Greatest Hits"...You'll love it!...I "Gar-on-tee".

Now back to our topic....

"Bad Idea"...

"Pink Panther 2" with Steve Martin!-Ira.

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Closing the doors of Gitmo.

Oh... is this where we start the political issues... like electing a president with no visible experience or qualifications... ? eek

Back to the entertainment industry... "Looking Glass" minus Eliot Lurie...

Dan Peek leaving America

OH... how about Wayne Rogers and/or Mclean Stevenson leaving M*A*S*H

and of course, the truly forgetable... "Return of Josey Whales"... minus Clint Eastwood... eek

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