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"BAAAD! Ideas"!


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What're some things you've encountered in your lifetime...that you've said..."Who the hell thought of that...That's a Terrible Idea!".

List 2 0r 3 at a time to give everyone a chance to comment on some hare-brained notions in businees.entertainment,retail,politics,etc.

that they recall...

Here're a coupla mine.....

1-ABC-TV Show featuring the "GEICO CAVEMEN"!

2-A "Diana Ross And The Supremes Reunion Tour" with NO original Supremes!

3-And perhaps the most famous....for those of you old enough to remember...The disaterous rollout of "New Coke"!...

Gee...I'll bet I didn't use 'em all up and you guys can come up with 50 or 60 million more by 11:00 P.M. EST time tonite.... wink

Your Turns-Ira.

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Well...I watch myself...but I still think "Baked" Potato Chips are a bad (tasting) idea.

Some foods are meant to be fun on the ocassions we eat them.

If you'd like you can also put 97% fat-free hot dogs up there on my bad-ideas list!-Ira.

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Rap music

Ah yes --- disco's bastard son! Definitely a bad idea. So was disco, for that matter.

Also on my list of bad ideas:

Any sports playoffs with more than six teams qualifying. Seriously - The NBA and NHL have 16-teams making it to the first round of the playoffs. Way too many. That makes it possible for a team with a losing record to win the Stanley Cup or the NBA Finals. Just the division champs (and maybe ONE conference wild card) is enough.

Also, speaking of the NHL:

Giving one point in the standings for overtime losses. It was fine when games ended in ties (back then it was one point for a tie, two for a win), but they don't anymore. They don't give extra points for an overtime win. You win or you lose. If you just put the overtime losses in the same column as the regular losses and use win/loss percentages like in MLB, NBA, or NFL, you can almost bet that the standings will look at least a little different.


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'As Seen On TV' commercials with "But wait, there's more" "Now, how much would you pay for all this" "Call now and we'll double your order at no extra charge"- and then you buy the stuff anyway, knowing it's not going to live up to the hype, but justifying the purchase with all the 'extras' you get arrgh

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