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600 Nude People Needed


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I've always thought "naked crowd" gatherings/photos/experiences are just plain weird. 97% of people look gross without any clothes. Even the other 3% are suspect when they cough, sneeze or whatever. Remember that Seinfeld "bad naked" episode? This is just the visual art's equivalent to some dude doodling around on a flute for 20 minutes and calling it art. Older people enthralled by nudity creep me out.

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Artist Spencer Tunick is asking for 600 people for one his naked crowd photo's.

This one is at the Sagamore Hotel on South Beach, this is at least a swim suit optional beach.

Anyone Interested?

I could take care of 300 (chicks) for him..

It'd be pretty easy. I'd just walk the beach for a half hour or so, and, well... I think you guys have heard the story of the Pied Piper..


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