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The Rubinoos?

Tony Cartmill

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Tony - Bernie is correct. The Rubinoos were (and, actually, still are) a very tight, very pop outfit with a slew of catchy tunes dating back, gosh, at least to 1977 i believe. Their first LP on Beserkley is one of the best in the power-pop genre and the follow-up is pretty much the same. I would say they are a bit lighter certainly than the Raspberries (whom they idolized) but the songs - and Jon Rubin's pure pop voice stick like glue. They've just released a new CD of cover tunes that I have not yet heard. Give 'em a spin! (You'd probably also dig the Pezband -- another great late '70s power-pop outfit squarely in the 'berries mold.)

Bob Allen


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I agree as well about The Rubinos. I have thier 'Basement Tapes" cd. It is Power pop rock classic from the first note . Great harmonies,hooks,tight guitar and drum work. Even those who look down on 'Pop' can't stop singing along,tapping thier feet etc. With out a doubt ANY Raspberry fan should have at least one of thier cds in your collection! I'm guessing you all know that they had a cut on the Berry tribute cd.

Also on the Berry tribute was a band called The Websters. Another great band. Not as much pop as The Rubinos but some very good rock. If anyone finds out about thier(Rubinos) cover cd let me know.


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I'm getting excited about this group from the rave reviews from you guys, even though I don't think I've ever heard one of their songs. Do the Rubinoos have any slow songs / ballads? Or is it all upbeat pop?

The Rubinoos were as adept at ballads (if not better) than they were at uptempo power pop. Songs like "Promise Me" and "Crash Landing" are top notch pop that guys like Kyle Vincent excell at.
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Just finished listening to "The Basement Tapes" disc (thanks Steve T!), and boy do thes guys ever tread that fine line between Pop and Bubblegum - in a good way of course. Some fabulous harmonies and melodies. Go to their website for info on new music, live music, and a disc of covers ("Crimes Against Music"): www.rubinoos.com

Check out this info about the covers disc, taken from their website:

"DMI (Digital Musicworks International) has just released a download-only Rubinoos EP, "More Crimes Against Music", available at the ITunes Music Store. It contains 4 unreleased recordings (all covers) originally done for the "Crimes Against Music" CD, but left off due to an overabundance of material. The songs are:

Valleri (The Monkees)

My Little Red Book (Manfred Mann/Love)

Dizzy (Tommy Roe)

Tonight (The Raspberries)


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The Rubinoos are one of my all-time favorite unheralded bands. I first saw them open for Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello back when Elvis was on his "Armed Forces" tour (late '70s). Since then I've been hooked! Bassist Al Chan (who sings their GREAT cover of "Tonight" complete with, "One, two, three, FOOUUUUR!") even flew out for the reunion show. He (like all of) was completely blown away! I'd love to see them open for the 'Berries, but the best fit would be a West Coast show.


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