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I saw the new Bond movie "Casino Royale" ovwer the weekend and I thought it was really good. It didn't have the gadgets of other Bond movies, infact, I can't remember one gadget in the movie that Bond used. Daniel Craig pulled it of being the first blonde 007. One of the best chase scenes was not by car or by boat but by foot. Bond chasing the guy up and down the scaffling, jumping from roof-top to roof-top was great. It might have been a little far fetched but so is an invisible car (Die another day). I thought the twist and turns at the end was emotional as it was in "On her majesties secret service" with Lazenby. I am a huge Bond fan and Overall I truly loved this movie. Of course, that is what a huge Bond fan would say. Anyone else have any comments about the film?

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Loved it for the most part.

Better writing, more 3 dimensional characters (especially Bond) and less cheesieness than in any Bond film before. Bond was the cold-blooded killer S.O.B. from Fleming's original novel. Rebooting the series like this was definitely the right move.

And a lot of guys were squriming during the torture scene.

On the downside the last 20-30 minutes is somewhat anti-climactic and dragged for me. Every one knows the romance obviously couldn't have a happily ever after ending, so it just dragged for me at that point. The last 15 seconds make it worth it though.

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