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Yes, Boston could have countered, but, per Damon, in his opinion, they had already given it their best shot, and appeared to be pursuing other centerfielders. He said that the Yankees seemed to be more interested in him than Boston...so he signed with them.

Boston management is wringing their hands, claiming that Johnny D. jumped the gun, and gave up on them, yadda, yadda.

This sounds like what happened with the Yankees and Andy Pettite 2 years ago. Steinbrenner was out wining and dining Gary Sheffield at the time, and seemingly ignoring AP, so he signed for less money to go home to Houston.

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Pierre was a great pickup, but it also left the farm system barren, thus forcing the Cubs to sign a free agent (Jones, who is not be well received here in the media after a .249 season) rather than trade for a right fielder.

Their new outfield of Matt Murton, Juan Pierre, and Jacque Jones should strike fear in the hearts of......well, Cub fans, anyways! They combined for 31 home runs last season (Murton had 7 in limited duty, Pierre had one, and Jones 23) a far cry from the forty we are used to from Alou and the fifty to sixty from Sosa.

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Tejada would be just what the Cubs need right now, a name superstar, to compete with the White Sox winning the Series in this town. That being said, there is no way I give up Prior or Zambrano, as news reports say that is whom the O's want back in any deal, and have to pay the guy sixty million bucks for the next three years, too. If I am taking over that contract, you are getting prospects, albeit good ones, in return.

Problem here is that the Cubs gave up their best youngsters in the Pierre deal, so as much as I'd love to see it, I can't see this working out.

Can you imagine a 3-4-5 of Lee, Tejada, and Ramirez, with Pierre at the top?

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