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Interesting Report on Florida Voting

Paulie Mississippi

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Orange County, the county that Orlando is in, is reporting that through early voting and absentee ballots already received, they have already seen 43% of the county's eligible voters vote! That's a greater number, percentage wise, than vote in most elections.

The question is, who does this help most? I know that the Democrats were the driving force behind getting "early voting" approved, just as they were the ones who let you register while getting your drivers license... but I've not talked to one "person of color" who has actually voted yet... though I did see a couple of African American men when I voted... mixed in with the forty or so middle aged Caucasians...

So I wonder, have all the "old white people" already voted? Or did the threat of having Obama elected drive more of them to the polls earlier too? Because the "threats" are a two way street... the Democrats are trying to scare their constituents with "four more years of "Bush" while they have provided the vehicle for a huge turn out of Conservatives with Obama and Biden on the "D" ticket...

It's all gonna be extremely interesting... but I'm already also hearing more of the "don't waste your vote" tripe... the same old song and dance we hear every four years as the Democrats and Republicans both agree on the desire to keep the power for themselves... frown

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As a Floridian...I took advantage of voting early...I can tell you that I will be surprised if Obama takes Florida..it will be close, but I think McCain will hang on to it...and to answer your question here in Lee County, yup, most of the older folks have already voted...the lines here were 2 to 3 hours long.

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I was listening to Mark Bernier, our local guy who comes on after... well, the big guy that all liberals hate... in the afternoon... he said he went Saturday to the main voting place in town... only to find that two other major events were taking place that same weekend in the same area, so he opted for the same spot I voted at... and on Saturday it took him 90 minutes whereas it took me about 45 or so this past Monday...

Reports here in Volusia County... the Daytona Beach area... have estimated that 1/3 of our registered voters will have voted before polls open tomorrow... not quite as gaudy as neighboring Orange County's 43% but still a serious number of people...

I had a delivery guy tell me today that he was in a store when two black men came in wearing Obama tee shirts... and on the back, the slogan was "We Told You Whitey's We'd Take Over..." eek

Of course they aren't racist for saying that, but I probably am for reporting it to you... :rolleyes:

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Racism is a very touchy subject. Unless you have been subject to it in some form, it is hard for you to comment as to what it feels like or what it is. In this election, I hate to say it, but I think that there are many who look less at the issues and more at the color of the man's skin. Thus I don't think that the U.S. is ready for an African-American president. It's a cold truth, but there is a silent racism that still exists in the hearts of many.

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