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Bernie, if your ill, please get better, ok soon, I miss you good buddy.

I'm used to seeing you on here.

If you have other work around the house, that's great, Or your probably out shoveling snow, Or you and Marvin are working on a FANTASTIC PROJECT TOGETHER, where are you both?

OR, you could be enjoying time with your children. COOL

Please give my regards to broad street, haha

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We had our two youngest nephews to stay over a weekend a little while ago. I was in the kitchen and heard Stevie call out, “Ju! Ju! Quick, come here!” I went rushing into the lounge in a panic, thinking the worst, and Stevie said, “Look at Jamie. Jamie don't move!” I looked at Jamie, Jamie looked sweetly up at me. He had a perfect milk moustache! cool

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Gene, that reminds me of a TV ad from back in the 80s, plugging radio station KNBR....it has a Ronald Reagan impersonator making a phone call, and saying "Hello, Mikhail", and giving him the raspberry......and then the big letters and the KNBR logo comes up and says "Kremlin Nasties get Bronx Raspberry....".....

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