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New England reunites


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Anyone remember New England? They were the power-pop quartet that had a hit in 1979 with "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya." Debut album produced by Paul Stanely of Kiss. Third and final album, "Walking Wild" produced by Todd Rundgren. Good stuff--singer/guitarist John Fannon was a fine songwriter.

Anyhoo, the band's playing together for the first time in 20 years on May 14 at the Chevalier Theatre in Middlesex, Mass. They're also working on new recordings and considering a full-scale tour.

Check it out at:




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"Hello Hello Hello" from the debut album was also a bit of a radio hit at the time.

Second album, "Explorer Suite," was actually quite good. Produced by Mike Stone of Asia fame. No singles of note.

Third album, "Walking Wild," was a bit of a letdown. Fannon let other members share the writing and singing chores.

Good band, though, if you find their records in the cutout bins. Worth checking out.


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The East Coast melodic-rock quartet New England was led by John Fannon (vocals, guitar), Jimmy Waldo (keyboards), Gary Shea (bass) and Hirsh Gardner (drums). Waldo and Shea later joined Alcatrazz. The debut single "Don't Ever Wanna Lose Ya" (Infinity) went to # 40 (1 week in Top 40) (Hot 100) back in June of 1979. The last single "Hello, Hello, Hello" (Infinity) went to # 69 (Hot 100) back in September of 1979. On the album charts, the Debut album (Infinity) (produced by Paul Stanley of Kiss) went to # 50 back in August of 1979. The next album "Explorer Suite" (Elektra) went to # 202 (Bubbled Under) back in December of 1980. Their final album "Walking Wild" (Elektra) (produced by Todd Rundgren) went to # 176 back in August of 1981. Matt

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