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Canadian Geese trained by bin Laden and Bush?

Tony Cartmill

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Tony, that's what the media would like you to believe. Actually, the geese were were not Canadian at all. In fact, they came from W's private hunting reserve in Texas. Calling for the elimination of the "geese of mass destruction", Bush will launch a new offensive against anybody in the Arab world who still has oil, thereby padding his wallet one more time before leaving office.

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Actually, they were remote controlled "drones' manufactured by Raytheon, designed to look like geese, but carry a payload. The 23 Bank of America employees on board had threatened to go public regarding the deliberate attempt to destroy all remaining value of B of A common stock to shareholders (of which I am one, unfortunately).

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I'm just wondering...

An automobile... a boat... an airplane... the person driving, or "captaining" such a vehicle is responsible for the vehicle... Why is this hero-pilot not in jail for killing these geese, probably without a liscense; most assuredly out of season and not on land approved for hunting.

You say "miracle" I say "poacher"...


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Canada would be a financial drain on the United States.

I suggested to President Bush that after the invasion, we trade Canada to France for their chicks (after expropriating Sarah McClachlin). It would be kind of like a multinational company shedding a money losing division.

My suggestion is now under consideration.

To Be Continued....

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