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Favourite "one hit wonder" songs


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There are many groups who fall in the "one hit wonder" category, and many whose one hit was a great song. Here are some of my favourites (in no order):

1. Smoke From A Distant Fire: Sanford/Townsend Band

2. 867-5309: Tommy Tutone

3. Since I Fell For You: Lenny Welch

4. More Today than Yesterday: the Spiral Staircase

5. Love Can Make You Happy: Mercy

6. Montego Bay: Bobby Bloom

7. Love Grows: Edison Lighthouse

8. Ride Captain Ride: Blues Image

9. How Do You Do: Mouth & McNeal

10. Brandy: Looking Glass

11. Dancing In the Moonlight: King Harvest

12. We've Got to Get It On Again: Adrissi Brothers

13. My Maria: B W Stevenson

14. Magic: Pilot

15. I'm On Fire: the Dwight Twilley Band

16. Magnet & Steel: Walter Egan

17. I Will Still Love You: Stonebolt

18. Precious to Me: Phil Seymour


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Has anybody heard Dave Loggins' remake of his own song that Three Dog Night made a hit called "Pieces of April"? His 1978 remake was a minor hit on AC stations. It is such a great mellow recording, great instruments coming and going, great background vocals and a perfect fade-out ending. It takes me to another place. His 1970 recording of it is not so good. But that 1978 version is Oooh la la...

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The Guess Who's "Star baby" peaked at #39.

other fave one-hit wonders: (this only covers '60-'76)

Tin Tin- "Toast & Marmalade For Tea"

Jonathan Edwards- "Sunshine"

Flying Machine- "Smile A Little Smile For Me"

Shocking Blue- "Venus"

White Plains- "My Baby Loves Lovin'"

Marmalade- "Reflections Of My Life"

5 Stairsteps- "O-h-h Child"

Stories- "Brother Louie"

Timmy THomas- "Why Can't We Live Together'

William DeVaughn- "Be Thankful For Waht You've Got"

Rivieras- "California Sun"

Nashville Teens- "Tobacco Road"

Knickerbockers- "Lies"

Bob Lind- "Elusive Butterfly"

Standells- "Dirty Water"

Syndicate Of Sound- "Little Girl"

Count Five- "Psychotic Reaction"

Music Machine- "Talk Talk"

Bob Crewe- "Music To Watch Girls By"

Parade- "Sunshine Girl"

Every Mother's Son- "Come On Down To My Boat"

Undisputed Truth- "Smiling Faces Sometimes"

Carol Douglas- "Doctor's Orders"

Sunshine Company- "Back On The Street Again"

Yellow Balloon- "Yellow Balloon"

Ten Years After- "I'd Love To Change The World"

Unit Four Plus Two- "Concrete & Clay"

Starz- "Cherry Baby"

Peppermint Rainbow- "Will You Be Staying After Sunday"

Jefferson- "Baby Take Me In Your Arms"

Max Frost & The Troopers- "Shapes Of Things To Come"

Gunhill Road- "Back When My Hair Was Short"

First Choice- "Armed & Extremely Dangerous"

Clique- "Sugar On SUnday"

Crabby Appleton- "Go Back"

Christie- "Yellow River"

Balloon Farm- "Question Of Temperature"

Tornadoes- "Telstar"

Chantays- "Pipeline"

Surfaris- "Wipe Out"

two-hit wonders:

Crispin St Peters- "Pied Piper" (and "You were On My Mind")

We Five- "You Were On My Mind" (and "Let's Get Together")

Walker bros- "Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore"/ "Make It Easy On Yourself"

Hamilton Joe Frank & Reynolds- "Don't Pull Your Love"/ "Fallin In Love" (they did have one other chart entry... "Winners & Losers")

Dino Desi & Billy- "I'm A Fool" (& "Not The Lovin Kind")

Cyrkle- "Red Rubber ball"/"Turn Down Day"

The Critters- "Mr Diengly Sad"/ "Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me"

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hmmm, I think these were all one hitters, but if they weren't, don't kill me!

1- Playground in my Mind, Clint Holmes

2- We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off, Jermaine Stuart

3- Mutual Surrender, Burgeois Tagg

4- Hands to Heaven, Breathe

5- Obsession, Animotion

6- Hooked on a Feeling, Blue Swede

7- Tainted Love, Soft Cell

8- Timothy, The Buoys

9- One Tin Soldier, Coven

10- Spirit in the Sky - Norman Greenbaum

I'm sure there's tons of others, but I need to get some sleep zzz

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Well here we go! Dave Loggins "Pieces Of April" went to # 22 on Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts back on July of 1979 but did not hit the Hot 100 or Bubbled Under Singles Charts. Dave Loggins song "Please Come To Boston" went to # 5 back in August 10 & 17, 1974 & # 1 (AC Charts) back on August 3, 1974. Dave is the cousin of singer Kenny Loggins. His other hits "Someday" went to # 57 (Hot 100) back in December of 1974 & "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do" (duet with Anne Murray) went to # 10 (AC Charts) back in November of 1984 & I am not sure about the Country Charts but I think it hit # 1 but I do not have the Billboard Country Charts book. Dave's "Apprentice (In A Musical Workshop)" went to # 54 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts back in December of 1974. Matt

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The group First Class song "Beach Baby" went to # 4 (Hot 100) back on October 5 & 12, 1974. That song also went to # 38 (AC Charts) that same month. Other First Class songs that hit the Billboard Hot 100 were "Dreams Are Ten A Penny" which went to # 83 back in December of 1974 & "Funny How Love Can Be" which went to # 74 back in June of 1975. The remake of the Danny Hutton song (leader of Three Dog Night) that went to # 120 on the Bubbling Under Singles Charts back in June of 1966. The album "The First Class" Bubbled Under the Album Charts & went to # 204 (1 week) back in November 9, 1974. Matt

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The group Katrina & The Waves made a splash on the charts with "Walking On Sunshine" which went to # 9 on the Hot 100 back in June 22, 1985. The song also went to # 21 on the Billboard AC Charts back in July of that same year. It also hit # 21 on the Billboard Album Rock Charts back in May of that same year. Other songs that hit the Hot 100 were "Do You Want Crying" # 37 back in September of 1985, "Que Te Quiero" # 71 back in October of 1985, "Is That It?" # 70 back in May of 1986 & "That's The Way" # 16 back in September of 1989. On the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, "Katrina And The Waves" went to # 25 back in September of 1985, "Waves" went to # 49 back in June of 1986 & "Break Of Hearts" (SBK) went to # 122 back in October of 1989. Matt

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The group Climax song "Precious And Few" went to # 3 (Hot 100) back in February 26 & March 4, 1972 & # 6 (AC Charts) & a gold record. Other Climax songs were "Life And Breath" which went to # 52 back in July of 1972 & # 15 (AC Charts) & "Walking In The Georgia Rain" which went to # 38 (AC Charts) back in December of 1973. The album "Climax" went to # 177 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts back in July of 1972. Matt

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The group Christie song "Yellow River" went to # 23 (Hot 100) back in November 28, 1970 (Hot 100) & # 22 (AC Charts) back in September of 1970. The song "San Bernadino" only went to # 100 (Hot 100) for 1 week back in January 30, 1971. The album "Yellow River" went to # 115 on the Top 200 Album Charts back in January of 1971. In the liner notes on Rock Artifacts, Volume 1 which came out in 1991 on Columbia/Legacy it says: By 1970, there was a strong and vocal sentiment to get our troops out and end the Vietnam War, and "Yellow River"'s theme of coming home safe and sound certainly struck a responsive chord, as the song spent almost six months on the best seller charts. Besides the lyrical theme, the almost perfect pop sound of the record made it a hit in almost every country it was released, selling a worldwide total of 3 million copies, gathering gold record awards in England, Brazil, and Japan (where it was voted outstanding single of 1970). The group Christie was English trio Jeff Christie (guitar, organ, piano, bass), Vic Elmes (guitar), and Mike Blakley (drums, piano). Blakley was the brother of Tremeloes' guitarist Alan Blakley, and in fact Jeff Christie had written "Yellow River" in 1968 for the Tremeloes, but they turned the song down. Jeff Nevertheless believed he had a hit, and in 1970 put together the group Christie to record the song, using Terms producer Mike Smith and even signing with their label, CBS. With the huge success of the single, the group put together an album and embarked on a successful multi-continent tour. Their followup single "San Bernardino" made the top 10 in the UK, but failed to get past # 100 on the U.S. Hot 100. One additional single here, "Country Sam"/"Man Of Many Faces" didn't chart at all, bringing down the curtain. The song "Yellow River" was released as mono single on Epic. Matt

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Titles may not be 100% accurate

1) Sausalito Summer - Diesel

2) Shannon - Henry Gross

3) If you Don't know me By Now - Marvin and Bluenotes?

4) At This Moment - Billy Vera and the Beaters

5) Echo Beach - Martha and the Muffins

6) Wildflower - Skylark

7) Beautiful Second Hand Man - Ginette Reno

8) It Wouldn't have made Any Difference: Some guy other than Todd R.

9) Freeride - Edgar Winter

10) The Mexican - Babe Ruth

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The group called Shocking Blue & the song "Venus" went to # 1 for 1 week (Hot 100) back in February 7, 1970. Other songs were "Mighty Joe" which went to # 43 back in April of 1970, "Long And Lonesome Road" which went to # 75 back in June of 1970, "Never Marry A Railroad Man" went to # 102 (Bubbled Under) back in February of 1971 & "Serenade" (Buddah) went to # 110 (Bubbled Under) for 1 week back in October 30, 1971. The album "The Shocking Blue" went to # 31 on the Top 200 Album Charts back in April of 1970. The group disbanded in 1974. Matt

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The rock quintet Bourgeois Tagg was formed back in 1984. Singer Brent Bourgeois was named vice president of A&R Word Records in 1997. The song "Mutual Surrender (What A Wonderful World)" went to # 62 (Hot 100) back in May of 1986. The song "I Don't Mind At All" (produced by Todd Rundgren) went to # 38 (Hot 100) back in November of 1987, # 8 (Album Rock Charts) & # 5 (AC Charts) that same time. Singer Brent Bourgeois had a solo career with "Dare To Fall In Love" which went to # 32 (Hot 100) & # 11 (AC Charts) back in June of 1990. Other songs were "Can't Feel The Pain" which went to # 46 (AC Charts) back in October of 1990 & "Time Of The Season" which went to # 36 (AC Charts) back in January of 1991. It's the remake of the Zombies. On the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts, The album "Bourgeois Tagg" went to # 139 back in July of 1986 & "YoYo" went to # 84 back in December of 1987. Singer Brent Bourgeois did NOT hit the album chart. Matt

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The song "I Love You" by People went to # 14 back in June of 1968. The pop rock sextet is from San Jose, California. People Bubbled Under with "Apple Cider" (from the rock musical "Alison") which went to # 111 back in September of 1968. The album "I Love You" went to # 128 on the Top 200 Album Charts back in October of 1968. Matt

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" My Sharona" The Knack

Oooo my little pretty one...my pretty one...when ya gonna give me some time Sharona...Ooo you make my motor run...my motor run...gun it comin off of the line Sharona...never gonna stop...give it up...such a dirty mind I always get it up for the touch of the younger kind....MY MY MY MY WOOOOOOOOO MMMM MY SHARONA!!!

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