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Most attractive male actor


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I always had a real thing for Robert Wagner, so suave and aristocratic but romantic. RJ notwithstanding, I discovered William Hurt in "Children of a Lesser God" and "Body Heat." That was pretty hot for awhile. Then I fell in love with "Lovejoy"--Ian McShane and his "devil may care, love 'em and leave 'em" air. Then it was Andy Garcia--ah, Andy Garcia! I always had this absolutely totally intellectual thing for Jeremy Brett. I ADORED him as Sherlock Holmes in the made-for-tv movies. He was a brilliant and gifted actor. His "Ha!!!!" somehow reminded me of EC's "HAAAGHHH"s.

Three extremely gifted actors who appeal to me are Robert Downey, Jr., Nicolas Cage (offbeat but very gifted) and Johnny Depp (I adore his dark side!)

All very talented actors, all very appealing to me.

Then there's bad-boy Denis Leary. This one's gonna be around for awhile, I can just tell. Can't you, AnnieK?

smile --Darlene

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Ed Harris, William H. Macy, George C. Scott, E.G. Marshall, Chris Cooper, Charles Durning, Philip Seymour Hoffman...

This thread is: "Most attractive male actor." Some of these guys are riveting to watch. One doesn't have to be what the world calls "handsome" to be very attractive.

Good choices Kathy. As for riveting, I thought Denzel Washington's performance in "Man On Fire" fits your description and this thread's intent.
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