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Hey, Kiwi! How's one of my favorite New Zers?

Sad but true. I don't giggle very often. I think my giggle box is broken. crying:P

Hey! It snowed here, today. It was so cool! But it didn't stay long. I love the snow. I like driving in it.

Happy - Driving in the snow!

Joy - Making it home alive after driving in the snow.

Giggly - Wondering if I should go back out and drive in the snow again!!!!!

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Awww, Kiwi, you say the kindest things. Muz is a very lucky guy.

I've been taking holiday but it's back out later on this week. A storytellers job is never done.

Happy - reading Kiwis kind words

Joy - knowing that Kiwi and Muzza are my friends

Giggly - thinking of the time when we'll all finally meet in person.

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