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The smell of a turf fire (irish peat turf - just ordered some for christmas)...

The smell of the christmas tree...

Being all cocooned in a warm bed when it's snowing or pouring rain...

LOVE watching the birds on my deck...deborah, we have the same plus blue jays, cardinals, tufted titmouse (I'm waiting for Cartmill to chime in on that one)

hearing a baby's belly laugh...

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I love when my husband texts me the lyrics of a song to let me know he's thinking of me at work.

I love when the light goes on in a child's eyes when they "get" something they've been trying to figure out!

I love when my cats jump up in my lap and gently chomp on my hand if I don't scratch them quick enough!

I love closing my eyes and listening to the music until I can hear and feel different layers of harmony wash through me like warm waves of water!

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- Our 10 year old niece who tells me she doesn't think I'm old or fat.

- The sound of our rattling pipes when it's cold in the apartment; it means the heat is coming up.

- Getting mail that doesn't say "pay this amount" on it.

- Having a working elevator in our building.

- Getting email that isn't for a male enhancement product.

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It is easy to let stress rob us of Joy.

What makes you happy, joyful or giggly ?

Firstly let me say that I am thankful to have a job that has very little stress... for the first time in my life.

However there are many things that make me happy, joyful and giggly!!!

HAPPY - To lean on the Trellis railing Kiwi and I built today and look at our backyard and know its ours haha

Muzza cool

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Kirk, I was raised semi-rual, but we had enough of the gray stuff for me to get to love that wonderful aroma. Got a bit of that here in Simi a couple of years ago when they resealed our street. After one of those rare, late August showers, all those memories came wafting back. Ah, Heaven! happy

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"One of those RARE late August showers"????? Are you sure they're rare? confused Oh, you mean over there. :rolleyes: We have lots of late August showers and I got confused!!!

It doesn't take much to give you a "slice of heaven" Reid. Now tell me who sang that song!! No "googling but ya can ask ya boss!! laugh

Muzza cool

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I love the sound of rain and wind outside when I'm snuggled under the covers.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

I love the scent of the air after a rain.

I love the salt smell of the ocean as soon as I cross the bridge into Seaside Heights.

I love the joy on my students' faces when they've just played something very well.

I love playing the violin, especially in my string quartet, because we intuitively interpret the music on the same wavelength and it's such a gas to do it, especially when the composer wrote it centuries ago.

I adore hearing Oscar Levant play anything.

I love to see the dawn of a new day.

smile --Darlene

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I would have to say my biggest joy is making other people smile and helping them out when they need it.

Sitting out on my front porch very early in the morning, sipping my first cup of coffee.

Figuring out a new song on my guitar...especially one that I was having trouble with...and then nailing it.

Helping an elderly person with something and then they say "Thank You, young man".

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Pure joy:

> My 22 year old son calling me Mama

> My 59 year old husband calling me Bunny

> My dogs cuddling together

> Smell of rain, coffee, flowers....

> and definitely... giving away Easter baskets as a token of hope & renewal to homeless children


Really nice topic Bessieboo... thanks for posting!

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The sound of rain

Mowing the yard

Listening to the sound of boats on the lake on summer nights as I fall asleep

The first blooms of spring--they're my old friends waking up

Watching youtube videos with my sons--they always find "interesting" stuff

Christmas lights


Standing on the beach at night looking over the ocean at distant lights

I could go on and on. I find a little joy in something almost every day. Just thankful I guess.

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Snow lit up and glittering as it passes the street lights!

The smell of mockorange, crabapple, and lilac in the spring.

The sunlight shining through red, orange, and yellow sugar maples as the leaves begin to fall.

Watching my kids mockingly tease each other until they're laughing so hard they can't talk.

Watching my husband walk and rock a sick baby grandson today and him hugging back mumbling "Papa" as he drifted off.

Walking on the beach with John picking up seashells then putting them in a crystal bowl on my vanity table as a remembrance.

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