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Perth Amboy, NJ


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There was just an interesting segment on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams tonight about Perth Amboy, NJ.(somewhere near the Hogya's and others).

Perth Amboy was going to destroy a former housing project in prepartion for a new high school. They heard about the Katrina victims and the Mayor has been trying very hard for a month to get families to move in. He married one couple from La. and the city offerred rent free in furnished public housing for a year. So far they have been unable to get the process moving along. The mayor is frustrated and so on. But a very nice segment about another example of people helping others in need.

Side note: The town of Amboy, IL is 20 miles from here and I am on my way to take my car I just sold ($75) to a guy there. So thank you Perth Amboy and Amboy.


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Phil, South Amboy is a town not far from Sayreville, where the Hogyas live. Perth Amboy is north of South Amboy (confused yet?), and is right next to Woodbridge, not far from Edison (where Ira lives and I play in a symphony.) I live in Dayton (mailing address, Cranbury, where LobsterLvr Dave lives), which is about 15 miles from Bernie and Kathy and East Brunswick, where I teach, is 10 miles away on the way to Raspbernie's house. Got the picture? confusedlaugh

Those towns are fairly close to each other here, and NJ is a pretty well-populated, tightly-packed state.

Ever heard of the Amboy Dukes? Or Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes? We name some of our bands after towns (or streets--Kathy's band was South Pine!) And we all know the Boss was from Asbury Park. I just didn't know there was an Amboy, ILLINOIS!

smile --Darlene

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