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O.J.'s Book....I Mean Fred Goldman's Book


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I just read an interesting article.....it appears the reason that O.J.'s book "If I Did It," his "fictional" account of how he would have murdered his ex-wife and Ron Goldman, is finally getting published, is because Ron's father Fred Goldman owns all rights to the book now! It was ruled as partial settlement on FG's civil suit against Simpson, which he won in court after O.J. was acquitted in his criminal trial.

The main change Fred has done is to take the word "If" on the cover and shrink it down to microscopic size, so the title now appears to read "I Did It". Goldman is appearing on Oprah today to plug the book. While I never had any intention at all of buying this book (or even picking it up to glance at it), knowing that Ron Goldman's family is getting any profits changes things a bit.....although the Brown family (O.J.'s ex-wife's family) considers this "blood money", and says that Fred G. is despicable.

On the other hand, Goldman claims he's collected less than $10,000 to-date of the $38 M civil lawsuit he won against O.J. about a year after his acquittal in the criminal trial. Fred says he knows he's not going to wind up with much money from this book, but at least it's money that's not going in Simpson's pocket, so he won't be able to profit from the alleged murders he may or may not have committed.

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I have always thought a lot of Fred Goldman until now. Why get involved in this? If he needed the money for a good reason I might understand. If he really doesn't think he will get any money out of it, why participate in O.J.'s twisted world? Everyone knows that O.J. killed his son, so this weird, backhanded admission book means nothing. Am I missing something?

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