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Whoa... now hang on a minute. Who was it got dressed up last night and took you to a nice restaurant for a nice dinner? confused

And is the one who does all those things on the Honey-do list so you can have the home you want how you want it?? confused

Man, is my back sore after all that bending over today cleaning the fish pond and rebuilding the brick mowing strip. frown I guess I'll have to run a bath for me to soak in for a while. Oh look, it's already run and it has bubbles in it and there is also someone in it... Oh it's Kiwi... LuvLove See y'all... I'm off for a bath.. laugh:P

Muzza cool

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First of all, Thanks LC and Ira for my new idol status! I have a feeling that status will be short-lived though because while I posted those rules, it doesn't mean I agree with all of them! That being said, bad as I hate to admit it, those rules did make me stop and think about the emotional mind games that Men and Women alike play with each other, and how little both sets of those rules would apply, if only we, as couples, didn't get caught up in "sweating the small stuff" (BTW-thanks for those additions, LC), in our daily lives. Wendy, your retorts, said exactly what most of us Women want to say (and usually do)!! But your final comments are what really hit home with me...

Originally posted by WendyWorld:

But most of all remember, we have to feel loved. We love to be held and kissed, gently. We want to feel beautiful because YOU'RE looking at us. We want our breath to be taken away like it was the second you first laid eyes on us. Tell us want we mean to you and repeat it. Often.

And when you're lying on the couch, scratching the 'bits' on your round shape, watching some sport that we may not give a damn about, and we walk in the room wearing nothing but 4 inch red stilettos with nothing but a smile upon our face...this isn't a subtle hint, we want you! Not Johnny Depp - YOU! So don't tell us to move aside because you can't see the score - brush the beer cans and potato chip crumbs off the family room table and take us right then and there. And you know what, we'll never have a headache again! I SWEAR! WORD!

Some of you that may not listen to Country may not be familiar with this song by Rodney Atkins from a few years back. The lyrics, if applied, pretty much make all those other rules,(while they may still exist), just some guidelines we can relate to and find humor in. Those rules would longer pose a threat as a set of things we use against each other, one-by-one, to tear our relationships just a little further apart...

Honesty - Rodney Atkins


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I cannot complain..My Hubby and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary in September..He is a great guy, and my best friend..we have been thru alot over the years, but we always worked it out...I guess I've been blessed....A great Hubby, 2 great Son's, and 2 adorable Grandsons...I couldn't ask for more.

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Reminds me of my wife and her horse tack. She knows what it all does and I know what it all costs...

I don't usually hear "Can you do something for me?" I get a list, instead wink But if she does ask, it's probably because her car needs gas, or washing.

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I get lists too all the time...and in this harsh economy...if anyone wants to make a coupla extra bucks as "Assistant Vice President Of Completing My Wife's Lists"...I am interviewing for this part-time position in my home.

Resume's and references can be e-mailed to I. Sperling.

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Muzza your too funny...Hi Kiwi, Kathy Lee,Kirk and Ira....My hubby always calls me babe...but when he wants something, he calls..HONEEEEE....when I hear that, I know I'm in trouble smile as for me asking him :rolleyes: I just do it myself...I'd have to wait to long ..He's not very quick zzz

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Ira, sorry to dissapoint you, but a list can never be completed. I've had lists that I thought were completed, but darned if another one didn't show up to replace it. The best you can hope for is to do a couple of things on the list and hope it gets lost (your dog can help with this). At this point you say a prayer for your wife to have temporary ammnesia. If all goes well you'll have the rest of the afternoon to walk your dog and enjoy that beverage of your choice smile

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