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LobsterLvr In Love


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Sometimes when you're very very happy you want the whole world to know. Well, hello world! I'm very very happy!

On December 13th around 3:45 in the afternoon I asked the woman of my dreams if she'd marry me. By 3:46 she had said 'yes'! I've been walking on clouds ever since.

The short story is: I proposed in Central Park and took her to dinner. The long story is so darn romantic even I cry when I tell it. Or maybe it's cuz I'm so darn happy! Either way LobsterLvr's in love...and getting married September 16th in Rye, NY in a beautiful old mansion overlooking the water.

Who would've thought at 51 I'd have so much to look forward to.

Thanks for letting me share this personal note.


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1) Wow! World wide wishes! Cool.

2) Good one Tony.

3) Gord, I floated over Hamilton earlier today. Was that you in the brown coat?

4) AnnieNY...you were my inspiration!

5) And as far as lobster being on the menu, it's purely financial: we can either invite everyone from this message board or have lobster. Hmmmm, tough choice.


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