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A couple of friends on the board have mentioned that they have a myspace account and encouraged me to get one for songwriting promotion. I would like to invite everyone here to check mine out and let me know what you think. It's still a work in progress, but I'd like people's opinions on some of my songs. The first two are secular and the next two are Christian.


Thanks, BH!

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Of the four "I've Always Had You" really stands out...some interesting, haunting turns with the melody...It would be nice if you added the lyrics, so i could read 'em too...Bridge was really nice on "Wish This Night"...It's a great idea to get your songs out there...And MySpace is a good place to get some notice.

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I was just over on your site. I have to agree with danmichel about those two songs in particular. I left my comments, so hope you don't mind.

You have a lot of talent and I hope you are able to get your music out there to the public. It would be a shame if this talent went to waste.


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