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I just watched a movie called 'Bottle Rocket'


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Hollies - Actually, "Bottle Rocket" was the first movie directed by Wes Anderson, a good friend of the Wilsons (he went to college with Owen, I believe)....he's also used one or both of them in his later films - "Rushmore", "The Royal Tenenbaums", "Aquatic Life With Steve Zissou", and "The Darjeeling Limited". Luke and/or Owen also co-produced a couple of those flicks, and co-wrote most of them.

P.S. "Bottle Rocket" is still my favorite Wes A. film.....

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re: 'bottle rocket' - finally, a piece of pop culture that hollies actually *missed*! its good, but 'royal tenanbaums' & 'life aquatic' are two of my fav movies ever

hey i dont have cable, but do have netflix - have you guys seen 'its always sunny in philadelphia'? man this is one reeeally funny show, think it airs on fx. check it out if you haven't already..

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