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It was one year ago...


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Nice venue once you got in, but possibly the worst load-in/load out experience in the history of the band. Never had a load-in take 4 plus hours. And very nasty neighbors next to the Highline. That weekend has all kinds of stories that will be told for years to come with our crew. However, outside of the load-in/load out we made the best of it and had a lot of fun!!!

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Marv it was the first time for me meeting everyone here from the board. Something I'll never forget!!!

Seeing the Band at the Meet & Greet was so much fun and being in the balcony hearing a part of their soundcheck... and then to watch them live on stage that night and the next- still gives me chills.... Sigh..... smile I think I smiled that entire weekend and never stopped.

Don;t get Diane and the rest of us started on that one bouncer though - he got some payback though when his friend accidentally drove into his leg and almost knocked him down!

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We got to renew acquaintances with friends old and new, at the Highline in NYC, and the music of Raspberries.

One of the most significant days of my life.

Watching the guys get out of the cab and walk right in through the doors as I waited on the VIP line for the meet and greet.

I think i was number four or five on line with my wife. I immediately met this fellow Tom and we wound up hanging with him and another couple all night. Hi Tom if you're out there!! Also I found out Diane gave me and my wife Play On Buttons while we were on line. (I was at the Sunday show)

Anyway, I was very intimidated when Eric and Wally walked by, and all I could think of to say was "Hi Eric, it's great to see you" and he replied, "it's great to see you too!"

Then I had my Fresh album out in pristine condition, Jim got out of the cab and walked right to it and said "May I"? Sure I said, and Dave did almost the same exact thing for me.

When we got it Eric and Wally signed my album for me and I had pictures taken with them. I remember once during the sound check me and my wife were just sitting on one of the chairs on the floor and Eric looked right at us and said "does that sound good over there by you guys?" We said sure...sounds great!

Funny how my wife didn't want to go at first and now all she does is ask "Are the Raspberries coming around soon"?

I just keep saying, hang in there, all we can do is hope.

But that is one night I will never forget for the rest of my life.

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What a weekend that was !! It started out with me picking up a very exhausted Canadian at LaGuardia airport who kept mumbling over and over “I can’t believe I’m doing this ……AGAIN†!

But after a full belly and a good nights sleep, he knew exactly why he was “doing it again†!!

It was great meeting up with everyone again, seeing the old familiar faces and meeting all the new fans. A lot of bonding went on that weekend with people who will be in my life for a very, very long time.

The Meet and Greet was the highlight of my night and it will never be forgotten!! Then the lights dimmed……everybody took a deep breath…….the stage lit up and there were “our boysâ€, on stage, just where we wanted them !! I don’t care how many shows I’ve seen….each one feels like the first time !! I was right behind Larry (LC). The poor guy didn’t know that was the wrong place to be !! I was bopping around so much I kept smashing into him.

And DO NOT get me started on that bouncer !! He DID NOT like me and I DID NOT like him. I had no trouble telling him a thing or two or three !

Yes……it was a great weekend ! Let’s do it again !!

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It's been a whole year -- unreal. Time is a thief.

I remember it like it was yesterday.... Driving down with my wife; getting directions, as we neared NYC, from the estimable Lew Bundles; arriving at the venue after a couple loops around the block; hearing the sound-check songs; settling in at a table (on the Wally side of the stage), with Don H and his wife; chatting with Ernie about all those guitars; meeting all kinds of EC.com friends at the Meet and Greet; getting pics taken with the 'berries....

All that "building-up" pre-concert stuff was awesome enough -- and then the show started. Pure magic! I loved everything about the show, especially the surprise of "All By Myself" -- from Eric's performance to Wally's solo to Jim's booming drums to Dave's wit at the end of the song: "Yeah, it would have been nice to be in on that hit...."

What a night!

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Just so you all know...this girl was sitting in a dressing room in Fayetteville, NC on this day...WISHING I was with you all! I was wondering what was going on and how the show was and realizing, my behind wasn't there. arrgh

I almost went, but then I decided that I'd make one trip to Cleveland. Yeah, I'm an idiot! haha

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This is the subject on another thread ("All By Myself" at the Highline), but it belongs here, too. I just watched it three more times: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEeENyNm_Cs

What a night! My wife, who's not even a 'berries or EC fan, was in tears watching Eric play this song. (There's a heart in there! haha ) (That was mean, I know.) (But true.) (I'm glad she doesn't read this board!) ( haha )

Anyway, what an awesome moment in music history! This is the best seven minutes on YouTube. I remember my wife commenting that Eric looked like some classical master up there. Well, he is! All I can say is, Encore!

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Last night, I was talking with my wife about all things Raspberries and she reminded me, rather pointedly, that I could have attended the shows at the Highline if I hadn't been so pigheaded. I was in in one of my financial reponsibility phases and flying to New York (as opposed to flying to Cleveland) was an expenditure not to be considered. Talk about your dumb moves. She had even Pricelined a room and flight that, looking back now, was more than reasonable. Talk about your opprotunity missed! crying :rolleyes:

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