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Nice to meet you!,Eric


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Thank you,Bessieboo and aggiesjc!Actually I don't get used to write a message in English, so first message is not incomplete! I'm livinng in Canada now and recently found this site! I'm so excited because I'm a big fan of Eric and Rasberries!!!I didn't know that they reunited!I should known it.....When I was teenager,my dream is going to Eric's concert so I hope my dream would come true....

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Kumiko, Welcome to this great boards family from two people who live in New Zealand. Kiwi is my wife and you will see her on the board quite often and I am known as Muzza. I have had the privelege of visiting your home country on a number of occasions in the past.

Enjoy your times on this board.

Muzza cool and Kiwi

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HT from Mo,julesberry,rockerreds,stringer and Muzza,Thank you for kind replies! I have a big family in a world within only one day.Unbelievable! Muzza and kiwi I'd like to visit your country some day!! I'm very happy to hear that you have visited Japan many times. And one thing I'd like to apologize to all of you that there are many mistakes in my English....Sorry.Please let me know if I have a mistake and I can brush up my English here!!!! Thanks,Love Kumiko

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