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hard to admit, but I actually like it


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Some albums I have:

Sam Harris

Sam Harris- Sam I Am

Austin Roberts - Rocky

Leif Garrett '77

Bay City Rollers - Rock n Roll Love Letter

Frank Stallone '83

Leo Sayer - Thunder In My Heart,Livin In A Fantasy

DeFranco Family - Heartbeat It's A Lovebeat

Stacey Q- Hard Machine

KajaGooGoo- White Feathers

Expose - 12 inch Seasons Change


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Hate to admit this, but I love "Jennifer Juniper" by Donovan. I love the name Jennifer. I'd love any song with that in the title. There was also a song "Jenny Rebecca" years ago. One of my friends loved it so much she named her daughter Jennifer Rebecca.

I also loved that old song (by Oliver?) "Morning Girl," and those old Gary Puckett and the Union Gap songs all on the theme of him taking advantage of young girls...

smile --Darlene

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Darlene, it's nice to hear that you like the name Jennifer. As you may know, it's my name, but usually I don't identify myself with it on the message board. It was very popular among girls my age (born mid-1960s), so I went through school with several other Jennifers.

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The song called "Morning Girl" was done by Neon Philharmonic back in May of 1969. The song went to # 17 (Hot 100) & # 39 (AC Charts). They Bubbled Under with the song "No One Is Going To Hurt You" which went to # 120 back in August of 1969. The group also had "Heighdy-Ho Princess" which went to # 94 (Hot 100) back in June of 1970. The final single "Flowers For Your Pillow" went to # 37 (AC Charts) back in September of 1970. Neon Philharmonic did NOT chart on Top 200 Albums. Singer Don Gant died back on March 6, 1987 & was 44 years old. It is available on CD on Sundazed. Singer Shawn Cassidy did the remake of "Morning Girl" on his debut album back in 1977. Matt

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Darlene: The song "Morning Girl" was also done by the Lettermen Present Jim Pike which went to # 34 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts back in January of 1971 but did not chart the Hot 100. Sadly, the song is NOT on the Lettermen Capitol Collectors Series which came out in 1992 (in which the total time is: 58:06 for 23 songs) or any compilation whatsoever as of yet. Matt

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