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Lou Rawls


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What a voice! What singer, even in fun, hasn't tried to emulate the famous line "you'll never find" from his monster hit?

I will never forget seeing him on the Dinah Shore show in the 70's and she asked him if he sees many of his old friends and his response was "all my friends live at 26th and California now in Chicago" (that is where the prison for murderers is!!!!!!) She had no clue what that meant, but Lou had a huge grin on his face!

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As I just e-mailed Phil-I will always remember Lou's totally cool personna. It was not unlike Dino's.It was always as if he knew something we had yet to learn.Although not his biggest song-but my favorite Lou Rawls' lyric -(and I may be paraphrasing at this point in my memory ) went something like this:

"They say this is a big rich town,

But I live in the poorest part,

I was raised on a "Dead End Strret",

In a city without a heart."

Lou was singing about Chicago- which he calls "The Hawk" in this song- referring to the winds.Lou "Will make it outta here"-he assures us- in a tune that truly is the Chicago version of "On Broadway". Lou lets us know us that to survive HIS Chicago-"Ya gotta be tough and strong."He was.-Goodbye Lou."We're gonna miss your lovin".-Ira.

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Lou Rawls will always hold a very special place in my heart. As a guest star on "My Wife and Kids," he was part of one of the funniest sketches I've ever seen. Additionally a few years ago we were on a cruise. An obviously inexperienced member of the entertainment staff introduced a comedian by saying the comedian has performed as an opening act for singer Lou Ross. My husband and I got a laugh out of that one. From then on we always jokingly referred to Lou Rawls as Lou Ross. No matter how you pronounce it, Lou will be missed.

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I saw Lou Rawls in Las Vegas, once. I didn't know that his albums sold 40 million copies.

When I listened to the radio, there was a sound clip played with Lou talking about today's singers. He was saying, "It's taking six months to record two songs. If you don't know what you're doing, go play in a garage."

His accountant of four decades spoke about him(Malloy was his last name). And Lou did something very rarely seen or heard of. He invited his friend to hear him sing now and then, in the recording studio. I think his friend sang, too. Lou sort of took him under his wing, he said. But, Lou's singing was too cool for his friend, and behind the window, in the sound-engineering room, his friend would try to get Lou out of his coolness and more into the song, doing gyrations, his friend said, or making Lou laugh, to get him at ease with the song he was recording.

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Another sad death. I remember reading just a few weeks ago that his wife was saying he was barely clinging to life. Unfortunately, if I recall the story, they were estranged and she was involved in a court battle with him for money.

Another one whose music will be missed...

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