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Please Pray For Our Sister

Baby Sister

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Hi Babysister..

I sent you a PM. Please make sure you relay the info to your sister.

As I said, this March 9 will be 1 year since I had my right kidney removed. I also had a tumor spawned from the kidney to my left collarbone.

They removed that as well. Kidney cancer is not respondent to chemo and only in some cases radiation can be effective.Like on the spine.

I know someone that had their kidney removed and also had a tumor on his spine, that was removed as well.They gave him a dose of radiation and that was 8 years ago and so far so good.

Now no one is really ever cured from this, but it has been known to lay dormant again for years and years or it could come back in a couple of years or maybe never. They haven't figured what causes this as of yet.

My recent scan showed all organs are clear and clean. However I do have a tiny nodule about 20mm x 20mm in my shoulder which they want to come out. No big deal. Could be a leftover deposit from my initial shoulder surgery.

Anyway, at first I went to Stony Brook Hospital.

They wanted to start me on these drugs which are extremely effective. In fact 'Sutent' they found can also be highly effective with women with breast cancer.

(Sutent is a molecualr targeted drug taken by mouth)

Anyway, I did the smart thing and got a second opinion from Sloan Kettering in Manhattan.

They told me I was a strong healthy candidate for aggressive surgery.It's almost 1 year disease free, and was never on any treatment or meds whatsoever. So PLEASE get a second opinion.

Why do something that most likely isn't necessary?

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Baby Sis, Give Bonnie all of our love and then give Kevin all of our love again! We're praying for you all. I'm so glad Bonnie is doing well and so will Kevin be doing well also shortly.

You're AMAZING, and so is Ernie. WE LOVE YOU!!!

HANG IN THERE--we're with you!

smile --Love, Darlene

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Hi all....got some really bad news today....Bonnie and her husband Bob, arrived yesterday in West Virginia where they are going to be living with Bob's son and his wife. She is a surgical nurse who offered to take care of Bonnie. When they arrived, Bonnie was taken immediately to the hospital in Parkersberg. The doctor checked her incision on her back and it split open. There is a terrible infection in her back.They did an MRI and found 4 more tumors...2 in her neck, 1 in her lung and 1 in her liver. She will be in surgery tomorrow morning to take skin grafts that they will need to close her back after they have "cleaned" the infection. The doctors are giving us a very poor prognosis at this time and we are not sure how much longer she has. I am heading down there early tomorrow morning and Ernie will be joining me there on Saturday. We will keep you updated as we can.

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I'm so sorry to hear this disturbing update. A group of us are having a spinathon tomorrow to raise funds for the Cancer Society (in honor of a friend who has melanoma). I'll mention Bonnie and ask all for their prayers as well.


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