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Kiwi/Muzza NYC Gathering!!!!!


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Hi everyone! As you know, Kiwi and Muzza are winging in from New Zealand to visit the US and as many of their EC.COMers as possible.


Let's all meet up for an afternoon of good times and lots of laughs! RSVP here so if anything changes, you can be updated.

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Harry, I think we'll be in the city for the whole day and I know you have a busy day that day. I have to discuss with Muzza and Kiwi but we can always meet up with you anywhere - if we move on from BB Kings, maybe we'll see you in Chinatown or Little Italy. You are also welcome to come Friday to my house for dinner - i pick up our honored guests at 1:15 at Newark. Also, Ssturday, Pete is going to escort our friends on a museum trip in the city. So let us know what works best for anyone - plenty of opportunities to seize!

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Hollies, We'd just like to say that when we came last time we were "blown away" by the generosity and hospitality shown to us by EC.com members that we met where ever we went.

We are also amazed at the distances people are prepared to travel to meet us.

To us this demonstrates how special the people on the board are and why we count it as a privilege to be members here.

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