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Speaker Question


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Can speakers be successfully repaired?

While having our ugly popcorn ceilings stripped and new a smooth ceiling applied,

a workman dropped a Bose wireless speaker about 15 feet on to the tile.

It did not shatter but it sounds crackly. The Foreman told me HE repairs these things all the time.

Needless to say his repair was not satisfactory.

Is it worth even trying to fix it or should I cut my losses and replace the speaker?

The new speakers in the store do not match the other three speakers that were not damaged.

I hate to be a B*tch but I had a nice matching set up.

What would you do?

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Call around to some of the local sound companies and ask them who re-cones their speakers. I am sure that the speaker can be repaired but the cost could be a wash to buying a new one.

I know in Cleveland there is a company "Empirical Sound " that we used back in the 70's and even when we were getting ready for the reunion tour we need some work done on the rehearsal monitors and they were able to do the work as a reasonable cost. You should have no problem finding such a place in South Florida.

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No local shops will work on Bose speakers, one guy said something about them being made differently.

I think he just wanted to sell me a new system, he started with how inferior the old systems (a little more than 3 years) are compared with the current model. :rolleyes:

The best thing was they were very inconspicuous

I really liked the big sound that came out of the small speakers, the house shook.

I hope manufacturer can fix it.

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If the driver(the actual speaker inside the enclosure) is the only part damaged,you could:1)remove the driver from the cabinet and send it to Bose for repair,or 2)ask to buy a new driver unit and put it in place of the damaged speaker,or 3)send the entire thing back to Bose for repair or replacement.Also,melted wax on a speaker cone is no good because it dries too stiff.Elmer's glue is the secret weapon of HiFi/Stereo technicians because it repairs the tear but doesn't stiffen the cone and change the compliance of the speaker.

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