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Happy Mother’s Day !!

I know I don’t post much, but when I have something to say, I post. And now I do ...

Mother's Day is upon us and I just want to wish all the women on this board who are mothers, who are going to be mothers and those who are grandmothers a very Happy and Healthy Mother’s Day !!

For all those who are unfortunate, including myself, whose mothers are no longer with them, try to focus on the wonderful and beautiful memories that are etched in your minds. Remember that they are now angels watching over us.

I remember when I was caring for my mom, driving her back and forth for her chemo sessions, I always played my Eric CD’s to calm her down. She loved his voice and his songs, even though she was a die-hard Sinatra fan and never really listened to anything but Sinatra. After her chemo session, I played Raspberries tunes…something happy and peppy to try to brighten her up. She always regretted never having had the chance to see Sinatra perform again before he died and I would respond by telling her that my biggest desire was to see the Raspberries reunite, and how much I was longing for a solo performance by Eric Carmen. But I knew neither would ever happen because way too much time had passed. She always told me “All the good you are doing for me will come back to you…you’ll seeâ€. Well, she was right. A few months after her passing, the Raspberries did reunite and Eric will be giving a solo performance soon. It just proves one thing…..Mother’s are ALWAYS right !!!

Ya gotta believe in angels and mothers !!!!!!


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I know just what you mean. My mom was well aware of my.... uhhhhh.... fondness for Eric wink

When I saw him with the DD tour I was sooooo excited, but I mentioned to her that tho I saw him outside the theater afterwards, I purposely didn't go over to him, I felt he deserved "a break" before his next show. She told me she KNEW the day would come when I'd meet him, and she even predicted I'd make a cake for him. I just rolled my eyes and said something like "yeah, okay!"... not all that long after my mom died, the Raspberries reunion was announced. That first night in Cleveland, I could almost feel my mom at my side, whispering the always present "I TOLD YA SO!!!". My mom would have been dancing on the ceiling if she were alive when I met Eric. I will have to settle for knowing in my heart she was dancing in the clouds.

I said it before and I'll say it again... if your mom is alive, get on your knees and thank God she is there. The hole that is left when she's gone cannot be repaired. Be good to her, next year you may not be so fortunate.

And Happy Mothers Day to all the moms here.

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