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July 4th Show By Bruce Springsteen On PBS


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Bruce, an admirer of The Raspberries, will put on a show(I think it's taped from another year? Or is it live?)

I was watching on channel 28, here in So. Cal. I'll also check channel 50, another PBS station that I usually watch in Orange County.

Watch, call, or look it up on your PBS station in your area at www.PBS.org . (On the left side, put a zip code in). When I went to the PBS site I couldn't see it, even though I typed his name. So, it must be a special add-on that was not scheduled for this area. I'll re-check the T.V. schedule on PBS.

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It is on July 4th in my area. I just checked on KCET, channel 28 at www.KCET.org . They are showing it at 9:30 P.M. It is his Seeger Sessions Band, live at St. Lukes. He will play Folk Classics, and a mix of Rock, Country, Blues, and Ragtime. A gumbo of music. Lucky for all us out here, in Southern California. It looks like there is also a July 12th replay of the show. I'm sure other dates.

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