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New Years Eve show


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My husband told me that there are no other HOB closer to NY than Cleveland so I am sick to my stomach right now.

I don't know what to do either - the ticket price isn't necessarily the killer - it's the travel costs too and I'm sure the hotels will be jacked up for NYE.

I don't want to miss this.

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Ted......my darling, loving husband just told me if I can get a ticket, I should go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would be going by myself so Betsey, if you wanted to share a room......would that entice you to go???

I'm looking at all modes of transport right now - I would LOVE to drive out with someone from the board but I think everyone is flying so I looked at that too. Not bad at all.

The minute I get a ticket, I'm booking like a mad woman!!!!

Any word about ticket prices or pre-post parties???

Ted, we should definitely plan on dinner together at HOB before the concert.

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Oh God Annie---don't do this to me! I can't imagine what my four sons will do if I take off on another holiday! They'll put me up for adoption, or sell all of my belongings. It sure is tempting. Oh no, what do I do now? Husband is working, but maybe I could bring kids with me and find something to keep them occupied in the hotel. Now I won't be able to sleep tonight as I ponder the possibilities. Thanks a lot, Annie!

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Why do I suddenly feel like some kind of fortune-teller?! Bernie, things are going completely wild! And I love it! All they had to do was be on stage together for one show, and I knew it would take off like a wildfire in California. And it is!

Faith the size of a mustard seed is supposed to make anything possible. Mine was the size of a boulder! I told the boys at the Meet and Greet that they weren't going to be resting because this thing would keep going. Hold on, it's gonna be one great ride! BB King's in New York! Hallelujah!

smile --Darlene

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I intend to be there with bells on...and to meet all the people I didn't get to meet last week who are also coming to this one...

Any women planning to go whose budgets are tight: let me know if you need a free place to stay, and we will somehow exchange contact information...

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