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Happy birthday, Tony...

Total=$20 even...This is the winning(go-ahead) post...Sorry pal, the cost of winning is steep...Therefore, you owe me $20 dollars and we can settle up at the next Raspberries show...

If the show is in Cleveland, you can buy me a few drinks and call it even or if its in N.Y., I can take a sip of yours and we should be square...

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Happy birthday, Tony...

Total account balance=$27...Since my posts started on page #4 of this thread and ended here, on page #5, there has to be some kind of surcharge that I can tack on...

Speaking about a surcharge, now that we're talking real money here I'm thinking about imposing an EC.com tax—oh, say...something in the neighborhood of 6-1/2%?

PS: Happy birthday, Tony!

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he may look haggard and old

and a little bony

he may be pale and cold

like an ancient shetland pony

you just call out his name

'cause he's only Tony

(to the tune of JD Souther's You're Only Lonely

1 of Dan's elegant posts are worth 10 cheap in- the-gutter-with-Cartmill Bundles posts!

Although both are appreciated to achieve the ultimate goal of crushing the hopes and dreams of my evil twin sis Darlene!

It seems Lew and I have the same scruples as an MSNBC commentator or reporter. Whatever it takes for our side to WIN!

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