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Very Upset Tonight!


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You know that old saying 'when it rains it pours'...while I feel like I am in the middle of an 'emotional hurricane'. You all have been so kind and kind-hearted since I said Valorie ended up back in the hospital...she IS doing better BUT today my niece (who has two small children 7yr. & 14 months) was in a MAJOR MAJOR car accident...she drives a lil Neon and she ended up being side-swiped into a huge Rock Cut...they cut her out using the 'jaws of life' and sent her by air ambulance to our hospital. Her back is messed up, she has a shattered arm/elbow, her eyes are both blown(redder then any tomato I've ever seen) her car is totaled and because she is a newly divorced struggling single mom she had just taken 'collision' off(yes she found out her husband was having an affair). I am just sick not only for her but her adorable and truly lovely small children. I haven't even told our mother yet because I don't know what this will do to her. Any thoughts/words of inspiration from my "EC" family would be tremendously welcomed right now!!! I know I am calling on all of you alot lately, and I don't know how I can ever repay your kindness except to say that I hope for those of you who take the time to reach out to this hurting human being that you are repayed in blessings a thousand fold.

A Very Sad

*Vera* crying

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Reid, Kirk, Sherry, Annie, Steve you are all carving very special places in my heart right now! Thank you for always being there for me...needless to say, I cannot sleep tonight. I keep having anxiety attacks as I can't seem to get the image of her car flipping over and over into the rock cut. I already understand how truly precious life is...but right now this is all overwhelming for me...I am VERY close to my niece and the one silver-lining I am finding in all of this right now is to Thank God her children weren't with her in the car at the time!

If I forget to thank anyone right at this moment please forgive me and I will do my best to do so when I am a lil more 'with it. I am adding a couple pix here to show you my niece and her two children.



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She has such cute children. I hope and pray all is well. Try not to think of the car flipping but they got her out and to a hospital where she can be cared for. You have a sister with MS too? You and your family have so much on your plate. Please, again, take care of yourself!!!

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Life can be tough, I know. You're going through a real bad spell, but I'm here in thought for ya. I know how you feel about taking the collision off. When I had my wreck in 2000 I didn't have rental coverage -- I spent $2000 in renting a car because of that. "Car rental" is not coverage the insurance tries to get people to buy, unfortunately. I learned the hard way.

I will say a prayer that life improves for you starting today. wink

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