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Passover Wishes


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Boy...We Jewish people sure have alotta holidays that celebrate "The Few Against The Many".... (See "Purim and Chanukah Wishes")..."The Good Against the Wicked" (Again see "Chanukah and Purim Wishes") and "The Fight for Freedom" (See-Oh you know.)

Well all kidding aside Passover is a wonderful holiday that even includes a service you do in your house! You don't even have to go to Temple! And you get a free meal TOO!

"Who could ask for anything more"!

All kidding aside....Happy Holiday season to all our friends at Ericcarmen.com and a special shout-out to the Hogya family, SugarBabi, and Eric and the extended Carmen family.

Happy Passover...Happy Easter...Enjoy your families and loved ones!

Here's a little Video which-I think really gets the holiday message across.

With warmest wishes...Ira, Lorie, Jeremy, and Jake...The Gombin-Sperling Family.


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I echo Darlene's sentiments. As Passover comes to a conclusion and Easter is on the way the one thing that comes to mind for me is where Jesus said " I am the root and you are the branches" to me it means that the Jewish celebration and the Gentile celebration are both very good.

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I am literally sitting at a computer in the Guest Business Center at the Hilton Garden Center Inn in downtown Cleveland on a trip with my brother to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and to see his daughter at Oberlin College.

For me it's sorta like going to the Promised Land for the Passover Holidays.

Once again...Happy Passover, Happy Easter to all smile .

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