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Bernie Scores "GOLD"!


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I'm sorry Ira...I wasn't listening....I was taking a cold shower! winkspincool LOL

Okay..now that I'm thinking clearly....Dara comes across very well in the interviews I've seen of her. She has this natural, athletic beauty that has me wobbling in the knees......and clamoring for my old speedo and goggles. Well okay...maybe NOT my old speedo.


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I don't know....she looks like she has a guy's body. C'mon fellas ...no hips...no chest...I mean there are pectorals....but no....I better keep my mouth shut. eek Cover her face and it looks like Michael Phelps....sheesh.

My thoughts exactly...If you like that body type..great..no doubt she looks great, but when I showed the picture to my Hubby for his opinion..He had to agree with Gman....Different strokes for different folks I guess crazy

Congrats Bernie smile

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My God...How can one debate that she's in damn good shape!

Anyhoo...It's so neat that the "got milk" campaign is iconic...and that the multi-talented Bernie...to no one's surprise.... can construct a website...our website...that mirrors his incredble talent in the field of advertising.

When it comes to Bernie...I'm a patriot...and as far as I'm concerned there should..."Never be heard a discouraging word"!-Ira.

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Some ramblings about the shoot:

• The ad was shot at an infinity pool of an incredible mansion near Miami, FL.

• You can spot me in the video around the :53 mark.

• Everyone on the set was sucking in their gut, and making plans to hit the gym :-)

• She brought her Olympic medals to the shoot and I had never seen so many in one place before.

• A security guard was hired to just stand by the medals.

• The "milk mustache" is composed of milk and other dairy products and is applied by drinking right out a glass.

• She is an awesome athlete, but more importantly, an awesome mom.

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