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What means being politically incorrect to you?

Carmen Smalley

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Good topic. There's a serious dimension to the politically correct culture, which extends beyond weather or not someone simply has a dissenting opinion. The serious issue is related to fear, and that out of fear people then tend to speak their true opinions or feelings only in forums, or with persons they are comfortable with. So a real duplicity is created between what is being said on the surface and what may be reality. I believe that this is why there is the explosion of blogs, talk radio, and other websites for communicational purposes because people are stifled, from a first amendment standpoint, in their day to day living. Go and protest the war downtown?, sure and you'll have an FBI agent following you around. Tell your neighbor he's a useless a**?, go ahead until the subpeona arrives at the door for the slander suit he's laid on you. The rigidity that is crept into our society in the past 10 years due to this culture of fear is a darn shame. It seems alot of people have totally lost their sense of humors and are so thinned skinned these days. There's a difference between being politically correct and not wanting to hurt or offend others. There are many constant values we can apply to ensure that the latter does not occur without invoking the politically correct modes of behavior which have led to a sort of Orwellian sense of falsity. Ofcourse, ironically, there are forms of being "politically incorrect" which are being bottled by certain industries (hip-hop for example) and sold to the masses as "naughty". This is very contrived if you think about it. And talk show hosts that are artificially going outside the politically correct box as a marketing scam essentially. Strange times.

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Bill Maher was on network TV every night and was taken off by commercial pressures after he stated that the terrorists who flew the planes into the Twin Towers were not cowards...

an incredibly politically incorrect thing to say, which the majority of this country did not want to believe was true...

hard to believe no one wanted to face the fact that someone who does such an act has an enormous amount of guts, no matter how insane, cruel and evil it is... a coward would've failed to have finish the task and not got on the plane...

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Perison, youre right on. Linked the politically correct culture is people's inabilities to look beyond their own biases and preconceptions.Instead of opening up to possibilities, people become threatened if their particular slant on things becomes destabilized in any way. Bill Maher is a bright guy. Its interesting how people such as himself and Bill O'Reilly, for example, can actually cross paths intellectually when they trace so many issues back to issues of power, corruption, greed etc.

As Deep Throat said to Bob Woodward so many years ago..."Folow the Money."

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