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July 4th


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Happy Birthday to all our American cousins! You lucky dawgs get a longer weekend than we do, and this year we missed OUR long weekend because the Ist came too far away from it, I guess we're all just going to look in on the celebrations with envy. frown

But guys DID give us Raspberries and Eric Carmen, anda host of all sorts of entertainers. Thank you!

If you're setting off fireworks be very careful.

Around since 1776! WOW. And some of you STILL have a fascination with the Royal family.

Ta ta!

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The fireworks are shot off an island on the lake behind our house, so we're going over to the next door neighbors house for their annual bbq and will watch the fireworks from there. We're taking the train to Chicago on Saturday for a mini vacation, returning on Sunday. Then we're on vacation until the 14th just hanging out at home relaxing and working on a couple of home improvement projects, topping it off with a Brewer's game near the end. 2 hours til freedom !

hypno Happy Independence Day ! hypno

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Ah, The 4th! I just usually shoot off my AK-47 over the neighborhood kid's heads every year. That's starts off all kinds of fireworks...and sirens.

Then I get a mini-vacation with other gun-loving buddies, with free food, group showers and lively conversation about how "da' man" is keeping us down...

God Bless America!

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Hahaha...good one John!! OOwwwwww!!! hahahahahaha Happy 4th to everyone. It looks like rain here today so I really don't know how it's gonna pan out. I'll probably throw a few things on the barbie and relax. Hey JohhnyAce...let's go down the bay and throw some M-80s into the drink. Remember those days JohnnyBoy?? They were like depth charges going off!! Fun, Fun, Fun for sure! Of course the killies(minnows) didn't appreciate it...they would come floating to the top. Poor little guys.

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Rain here, too, but hopefully will clear by tonight. (And, yes, our streets are flooding again...)

Low key, but busy for me. Working today. (Sssh - I'm posting while at work!) Mellie and I are going to get together tomorrow, and I plan to celebrate my b'day on Sunday with Breakfast at Wimbledon. Always love it when the men's final falls on the 6th so I can kick back and watch it with a celebratory mimosa or two.

Very nice of everyone to take a three day weekend just for my natal day... haha


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what a lazy day. NOT ! Rain , clouda so I did some things around here I couldn't get don with the mrs and our shadow around. Nice day anyway. Got to play my guitar and relax with a glass of vino !

G those WERE the days. M-80's, Trash Cans were the best. Yo, tie a few of those together and WOW !!!!! The school yard, the bay, PARADISE ! Steer clear of thos arrows OUH

HAPPY 4th Everyone.

Congrats Boopell

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