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Poor Bernie!! Kathy recently posted he has a 2 hour commute to work. I don't think I could handle it. I'm fortunate to have about a 6 mile, 8 minute drive to work, maybe 10 minutes if I have to wait for a train to pass. And all back roads to boot. Lucky for me.

How about you? My guess is that Paulie has the longest commute. :p

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If you had Bernie's music collection, you wouldn't mind the long commute listening on his $10,000 auto-sound system.

The filthy rich are different from us...Bernie, Kathy and Eric are like aliens from another planet to me... confused

Oh, my commute is about 20 minutes...holding an old transister radio in one hand, that only gets some Spanish salsa music station... :rolleyes:

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Mine's about 20 miles...25 min. All freeway, but my hours are a bit weird, so I don't have much traffic...as long as I've got good music to sing along with (no finger snapping..I'm not that coordinated), the commute is fine.

Wow, 8 minutes, Jules ? Hardly worth starting the car...are you in an area you could bike to work safely if you wanted to ? That would be a great commute !!

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WE have a 12 mile commute.... Kiwi does it quicker as she drives faster arrgh Actually her workplace is closer than mine. We have 1 train track to cross; lots of fields to drive past with yes... LOTS OF SHEEP.. and at the moment cute little lambs.. (Everybody AWWWWWWW).

It takes me as long to get from the city limits to my office as it does to get from home to the city limits. I should explain that our town Feilding has 14,000 people and we work in a city called Palmerston North which has a population of 74,000.

Of course when I go to work this Monday it will be a 3 hr drive to another City west of us. but I wont be home 'til Thursday. However sometimes I do this "commute" there and back in a day

Muzza cool

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