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Men in grocery stores: dazed and confused?


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I do the Jewish version of hunting for game. This sport involves no rifles and no traps! You simply go on a Sunday or Monday night and look for "Markdown" meats that must be cooked or frozen that day or the next.And if Shop-Rite is blaring "Well Respected Man" as you move in for the kill-victory is twice as sweet.

Once you have cornered your prey,which is usually cowering in a corner at 25 or 50% off the original price, you carefully put it in your cart and return home flush with triumph from a successful hunt.

Your wife and children greet you with a true hero's welcome and you then cook or freeze your catch-all the while basking in the adoration of your family who share your glee for the thrill of the hunt. THIS is as good as it gets for THIS "Weekend Warrior"!

Ira, your post was not lost on me --- hilarious! We 21st-century humans are quite different than our cavemen ancestors, aren't we?

Of course, cavemen didn't have to scout around the feminine products aisle, as Kathy described (also a hilarious post!).

Muzza, I love that word you use for shopping carts: trolleys. I think I'll start calling them trolleys, and see if I can't start a little trend in town...

Re: grocery shopping in general: Truth be told (as I wrote to HT in an e-mail), I probably do 75% of the grocery shopping here, but I usually bring my two daughters, who are now 7 and 4.

On the plus side, my daughters bring comical relief and pure fun to the task. On the negative side, they ask for just about everything they see, and we end up with a freezer full of frozen chocolate chip waffles, fruit roll-ups, and cereal made up almost exclusively of sugar. And a bit of candy.... Alas, Dad is too much of a soft touch...

BTW, my girls love standing and watching the lobsters crawling all over each other in their tank. On one memorable trip, they were transfixed on the grisly scene of one big lobster eating the guts of a recently deceased lobster lying on its back. We told a clerk, who promptly fished the carcass out of the tank while telling us, "They're not supposed to eat anything in there...."

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Ok... so here's another twist to this thread - keeping with the shopping excursions, how many of the men here have had to venture into the feminine products isle ALONE to find what your wife/girlfriend is needing? This just slays me every time when I'm in Wal-Mart and a guy is standing there all by himself and is talking on his cellphone to make sure he's getting the right package! This to me is sooo funny!

How about it girls?

See LC, what you've started.... hahahahahaha


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