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The Sterile Cuckoo


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Back in 1965 there was a book written by John Nichols called "The Sterile Cuckoo". It was about 2 college freshmen one male and one female who met on a bus on their way to college in upstate New York. They attended different schools about 80 miles apart and they got on the bus in Oklahoma. Anyway, the girl was very eccentric and outgoing and the guy was very withdrawn. They end up in a relationship and he is changed by coming out of his shell. But the relationship is ill fated from the start and this is the story of it. It also tells what it is like as a coming of age story set in the late sixties which I went through. Various reviews state that it captured the times of dating, alcohol, relationships, coming of age,etc. very well.

The movie came out in 1969 and starred Liza Minelli in one of her first movie roles as the female lead. I was told by someone back in that time period that it was a good movie and of course VCR's did not exist then and I never got a chance to see it or read the book. I also understand it has never been issued on DVD.

1) Does anyone remember this movie or book?

2) If so, what were your recollections of it?

3) Does anyone know where one can get a copy of

movie or book?

Sorry for this diversion but I needed something as I am totally absorbed in my taxes and need a break.

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