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Gitmo is such a horrible place.....


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The Constitution applies to citizens of the United States. Now, I'm no lawyer....I don't even play one on TV.

I could certainly understand someone differing with the way we treat "enemy combatants", but don't count on the Constitution as the basis of your arguement relating to rights for non-citizens.


Also international law is not my forte but the Geneva Convention was bandied about earlier..but doesn't that deal with the treatment of soldiers in uniform of defined nations along with humanitarian staff? Again..argue all you want about treatment of prisoners, "torture" and what have you...but don't give my Constitutional rights to a non-citizen.

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Oh, I get it...you teach constitutional law and every decision you make is correct. How silly of me. Or you?

You comparing the people at Gitmo to people on the board, is truly one of the dumbest things I've ever read here.

I'll say it again, there are bad people at Gitmo. Radical Islamists, who if you were walking down the street in a summer dress, would CUT YOUR HEAD OFF. Yeah I capitalized that,because it's true.

"The Bill Of Rights is Not a matter of opinion when it comes to imprisoning people who have not been charged ,Blah,blah,blah". Actually it is. Just like a six month old unborn baby having a hole poked it's head is legal...according to some [Millions] opinions. There are bad people at Gitmo.But please go visit them when they get released. I'd be careful what you wear around the little angels though.

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Sheesh...some of you people, if you lived back in the 19th century, would probably be saying "Slavery isn't so horrible...I mean, the slaves get all their meals and clothing and housing and health care for free...they probably live higher on the hog than I do...what's the big deal?" You'd miss the whole point about the issue being the morality of owning another human being.

some of you people? LOL

hey wasn't it Lincoln (a Republican) who freed the slaves?

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To those who disagree with me: Please stop cramming words in my mouth that I never said. I never said every decision I made was correct, nor did I compare people at Gitmo to people on this board in any way other than that they are all human beings. You all appear to have forgotten that fact.

There may well be bad people at Gitmo...people who would cut my head off for wearing a summer dress...also completely innocent people (some of them children) who were sent there not because they did anything wrong, but because they were fingered by people who stood to gain from fingering them...those people were rewarded in some way. The detainees may well deserve to be detained no more than you or I, but we don't even know which ones need detaining and which ones don't, because they have no lawyer and have been charged with nothing...they're just being detained, despite that.

I believe they deserve to find out what they're there for and have a lawyer and have a trial. Otherwise we have no right to hold them. The Geneva Conventions DO extend do them (read up, please) and our Constitution reflects the values we run this country by. If we don't treat our prisoners from other countries as well as we treat our own citizen prisoners, if we don't even hold to the agreements we have with other countries about basic human rights, it says something very sad and frightening about us as a country.

If we let ourselves become frightened by the broad brush of "those are all BAD people, they would just as soon kill you as look at you, we CAN'T let them go!", then we let ourselves be run by our fears rather than by our values--and that's not a country I want to live in, a country of "Detain first and ask questions later." It doesn't matter how much any of you capitalize it and yell it at me. Your shouting doesn't make you more right, and it doesn't change my mind.

And how in the hell does anyone work this business of "Just like a six month old unborn baby having a hole poked it's head is legal...according to some [Millions] opinions" into it? We weren't even discussing that!

Sure, you can say your "opinion" is different. But my "opinion" is shared by those who founded this country because they wanted something better than a country that would jutify the detention and torture and killing of people just because someone SAID they did something bad. They left other countries to make something better. The USA was supposed to be that something better...How can we be, if we act like this?

"I think we have a terroist here, planting land mines of the uncomprehensible throughout this thread"? And who might that be, pray tell? Who is being accused of being "incomprehensible" and thus being compared to a terrorist?

Sometimes I really have to work hard to remind myself that we all like certain types of the same music, and that this has nothing to do with how we think otherwise...

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Oh, two more things... first off,quit being so defensive and paranoid. You started this off by stating that "Some here need to read The Constitution", etc. Don't post stuff like that if you don't want to be challenged...you posting something does not mean it's correct, or is the final word. The terrorist with incomprehensible landmines was NOT you...and if you can't figure out who I was referring to, that would make you the only person here who can't. I may not agree with most of what you say...but I know exactly what you're saying.

Regarding my comment about late term abortion; You stated that the Bill of Rights is not open to opinion...of course in this case of enemy combatants it IS open to differing opinions and interpretation...just as is abortion, with the constitution's Life liberty and pursuit of Happiness obviously being open to different opinions and interpretations.

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One more thing...the Founding Fathers agree with you in your mind only.If you are talking about a US citizen being held that's one thing...to talk about people suspected of killing or trying to kill US citizen from an un-uniformed terrorist army is something completely different, and frankly you have no idea where the Founding Fathers would come down on that...although I think I have a good idea.

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