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Dick Cheney interview with ABC's Martha Raddatz on Iraq


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I saw this, Phil, and found it pretty appalling. Cheney is one scary dude.... His "So?" response was a right-from-the-heart, spontaneous reaction, and leaves no doubt about who he really is.

Hey, Dick, you're an elected official! Aren't you're supposed to represent the people (as opposed to NOT CARING what they think)? At least pretend you care, like most politicians would do (lying or not).

What a smarmy, arrogant, cold-hearted response from a smarmy, arrogant, cold-hearted person....

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You know, McCain has the right idea.....get as far away from Bush and Cheney as possible!! I was already NOT impressed.....but this just backs up what most were already thinking! AMEN LC!! AMEN!!

Two part question here.......how do those serving in Iraq/in other parts of the world vote in the November election? Did they get to vote in the primaries?


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