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What Is Your Favorite TV Show (None Of The Above?)

Paulie Mississippi

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I kept thinking TOMMY would realize that all shows don't fall under Drama or Sit-Com or Reality...

1. Heroes. I love the pacing and the action and the "hooks" this show keeps coming up with. I don't think it can truly be called a drama, though it's not a comedy. It's not 100% sci-fi though it is repeated on the SCI-FI Channel.

TOMMY... " Are You On The List? "

2. Jericho. Though drama in styling, can a story about nuclear holocaust not be thrust into the "sci-fi" or "horror" genres?

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Jerico is an enigma. I'm not sure CBS or the producers expected it to last and so it almost seemed like they were scrambling to decide a direction. That belief is heightened by the long hiatus they took over the winter, as if they were desperate to get time to plot and write and shoot the next dozen or so episodes.

Still, as one critic recently put it... "Is it Skeet Ulrich's acting? Is it the ensemble cast? Is it the way it deals with the aftermath of disaster? I'm not sure exactly why people like "Jericho" but apparently they do."

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You should see my collection of children's books about the end of the world.

Jericho, prior to their recent break of a few months, was moving too slowly. Too many secrets, not enough answers. Now that it's back, they're finally divulging more, and it's better. Still, not enough radiation sickness...

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