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same song, over and over


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Billy K. you're right. Music fans in Holland are very special, many big artists got their first charthits in Holland, I only mention two names but there are more: Donna Summer and Whitney Houston became successfull in Holland before they were noticed anywhere else in the world. Do I have to say more?

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Wim, Your country can gladly claim all the Disco artists like Summer you want. I DON'T KNOW WHY AMERICA LOOKS FONDLY BACK ON THAT ERA OF MEDIOCRITY! The 60's, Early 70's, Early 80's blew that Disco era away in terms of memorable songs. Even the talented BeeGees turned into a chipmunk falsetto freakshow during that era...

So If I hear another open hi-hat drum beat or a short choppy horn section accompanyment...I swear I'm going on a shooting spree...(Now there's an American tradition we can look fondly upon)

And if I hear Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" one more time...It's mushroom cloud time, baby mad

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As for over and over songs:

Dave Loggin's 1978/9 remake version of his own "Pieces of April" gets me. Perfect vocal (silly lyrics don't bother me), perfect instruments, perfect ending.

"The Only Love" and "For Whom The Bell Tolls" by the BeeGees.

"A Little Respect" Erasure (A musical point/counterpoint harmony masterpiece)

"Starting Over", "Never Gonna Fall in Love Again" and the cover of "Walk Away Renee" by Eric Caramel? Clapton? Carmen?...something like that.

"Crying in my Sleep" Art Garfunkel (Written by Jimmy Webb)

"Cigarette Lighter Love Song" Butch Walker.

"Living Years" Mike and the Mechanics

"The Real Thing" Kenny Loggins (About kids and divorce)

"Wild Heart of the Young" Karla Bonoff (First heard it on "The Wonder Years")

"I'm Stone In Love With You" The Stylistics (A Department Store Aisle Stopper!)

"Love Of The Heart Divine" Chris De Burgh

"Love Is All Around Me" Wet Wet Wet (Their version blows away the original 60's one)

Has anybody else listened to any of these songs more than a few times?

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I fundamentally agree that disco won't go down in history as one of the "higher art forms" smile and I personally don't like it (although there are some tunes I uncontrollably get in to confused ).

But the ironic thing, IMHO, is that out of that same peroid (mid - late 70s) probably came the best music in my lifetime. The following put out great music during that period:


-Billy Joel

-Eric Carmen

-Elton John

-Fleetwood Mac

-Burton Cummings

-Bee Gees (Main Course)


-Bruce Springsteen

-Jimmy Buffet

-Many of the heavier bands were at their

zenith: Rush, Foghat, REO, Status Quo,


-many more not on the top of my head at the


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Good point James! Put Disco aside(then step on it, kick it, kick it again, and dump it in the back alley dumpster), and the mid to late 70's had some good non-Disco music. But most of the bands had their best stuff in the 1974-1976 time period. I think of the main "Disco Tsunami" hitting shore about 1976-79. Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, and the Eagles were exceptions because they never would be caught dead recording a song with the Disco beat sound.

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O.K. point to you Tony, but I only would try to say that a small country (16 million people) has discovered many new artists over the years and unfortunately I mentioned that two disco/dance acts, but there are many more groups/singers that became first successfull in Holland, even the Bee Gees by the way: they scored a number TWO record with Spicks and specks over here in april 1967! They lived at that time already in England but Holland gave them an earlier chart position.

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Well actually Tony you can argue that the Eagles' "One of these Nights" with its bass line and drumbeat has a disco groove happening, although Henley has come out and said that it's a ode to Soul/R&B. The Eagles' did do a song called "the Disco Strangler."


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If I recall, "The Disco Strangler" was a satirical song against Disco.

"One Of These Nights" was released in the first half of 1975..likely written in 1974 when Disco was embryonic....what Henley said matches reality as there's not an ounce of Disco in "One Of These Nights".

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Well I would argue, what is "disco" anyway? The word "disco" has taken on some extremely negative connotations over the last 30 years or so. At first the term applied to basically anything had was was danceable and could be heard in discotheques. "One Of these Nights" certainly fit into the first category. With the passing of time, any song that had *that* beat and the hi-hat working overtime, got labelled "disco." I can recall hearing KISS' "I Was Made For Loving You" in a discotheque back in 1977. Yeah it was danceable, but was it "disco."?


p.s. Yes, "Disco Strangler" was certainly a satire.

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"One of these Nights" definitely wasn't disco but certainly was R&B. And "Miss You" by the Stones is definitely disco, and is one song I thoroughly enjoy.

And the Village People, known for disco, tried to veer over to rock, with a song called "Sleazy".

Kool and the Gang, likewise, did a song that was more rock---but still without losing their personal style---called "Misled".

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In the late 70s, disco went sort of "undergrond".

Although the disco craze died out in most of the country, it was still happening in South Florida continuously. A "new" format called either "dance" or "power" came into play in the 80s, and was essentially, like disco, "mindless dance music".

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There´re a lot of disco hits I can´t stop listening to.I also believed that stupidity(disco vs aythentic rock) in the seventies,but is another stupid prejudice of homophobic and racist origin.I can listen to both styles.Musical prejudices exist because there´s political ideologies behind of music,sadly.It has nothing to do with an artist having an ideology or other,but if the liberals have the power,then disco,punk,crossover metal,rap,alt country,grunge,pop,etc will be succesful,if the cons have the power then Christian rock,Country,Soft AC,Bland Soul,techno pop,etc will be successful.

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CDs that are always near the CD player in my house are:

Raspberries - Side 3

Raspberries - Overnight Sensation

Badfinger - Wish You Were Here

Stones - Exile on Main Street

Tommy Keene - Songs From the Film

Tommy Keene - Ten Years After

Tommy Keene - Based on Happy Times

Who - Who's Next

Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

Ginblossoms - New Miserable Experience

Elvis Costello - This Year's Model

Cheap Trick - Cheap Trick (1997)

Graham Parker - Mona Lisa's Sister

The A's - The A's

Springsteen - Live 75 - 85 (disc 1 only)

Smash Palace - Fast Long Loud

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Mr Deal-JC Heavy

Game- The Majority One

Bus Stop,Stop,Stop, Stopand Stop Right There-Hollies

Strawberry Fields Forever-beatles

Strange Kind Of Woman- Deep Purple



and some disco music songs would be

I Feel Love-Donna Summer

Let´s All Chant-The Michael Zager Band

Funky Town-Lips Inc

The Sound Of Philadelphia- MFSB

Sexy- MFSB

Soul Dracula-Hot Blood

Pop Muzik-M

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Tony even ignores Love Is All Around original version is by The Troggs.He doesn´t like the original due to its hippie influence-a lot of ballads from this time were in the same vein Scott Mc Kenzie´s San Francisco,Bee Gees´Massachussets,etc.But TYony prefers Wet Wet Wet´s cover because now the meaning of the song is other(and very different from the original one).Now is another Soft AC tune

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As usual, Dr Smalley's drug-induced over-diagnosis is off. The original lacks good lead vocal quality and harmonies like the remake. The lead vocal on the Troggs version is too low pitch. And I like the contrast of acoustic and electric guitars in the remake.

Carmen, keep on trying to convince everyone that regularly using recreational drugs is a normal and acceptable behavior. I'm sure you'll recruit a few dummies.

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