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same song, over and over


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Have you ever just been in *whatever* kind of mood when a certain song just makes you wanna hear it over and over and over again? I know EC's music does that to us all the time, but for me today, it's been "Everything" by Alanis Morisette. Driving around today (I had a crafts event), and now home while surfing the net, I am just playing the hell out of it, what a great song. spin

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When I first heard "After You," I was mesmerized, and just wanted to keep listening and listening. And I did..."It's Cold Outside" by The Choir does that to me too. "I Wanna Be With You" was the first Berries song that "got to me" that way. I kept feeding quarters into the jukebox all night long, playing it, even though people were telling me to stop!

smile --Darlene

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To me, what really makes me play a song over and over is the performance rather than the song itself...here are some that I have played over and over...

American Trilogy-(Elvis - Live in Hawaii)

The Pretender - Jackson Browne

Sunrise - Eric Carmen

Brown Sugar - Stones

Georgia - Ray Charles

Darlin' - Beach Boys

God Only Knows - Beach Boys

Immortality - Celine

Don't Throw it all Away - Andy Gibb

How Deep is Your Love - Bee Gees

Give My Regards to Broadway - Donny Osmond

There are more, but I never get tired of these songs..


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"Devil & The Deep Blue Sea" does it for me. Takes me to a bad place that turns into a great place. My mp3 of it is warbly (sounds like old cassette tapes). Anyone have a REALLY clean copy? Pretty please?

Other than that, "Just Remember I Love You" by Firefall gets played around here alot.

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There are LOTS of songs I can´t stop listening to them

If You Can Give Me Love-Suzi Quatro

Sabre Dance- Love Sculpture

Hey Deanie(Is the song I first play after waking up,washing myself,etc

Los Managers-Pata Negra

Hace Frio Ya-Nada

Knock Knock who´s there?-Mary Hopkin

Shout-The Isley Brothers

Overnight Sensation


Batterers And Their Wives-Left Banke

Paint It Black-Rolling Stones

Fire and Nightmare-The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

I Can Remember



To be continue

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Ten songs I love from the past en will love in the future are:

>Don't wanna say goodbye-The Raspberries

>God only knows-Beach Boys

>Strawberry fields forever-The Beatles

>All along the watchtower-Jimi Hendrix Experience

>Born to run-Bruce Springsteen

>Memory motel-The Rolling Stones

>Have you ever seen the rain-Creedence Clearwater Revival

>See me Feel me-The Who

>Apple of my eye-Badfinger

>Chestnut mare-The Byrds

Yes I know that each of the songs is more than 30 years old! But I'm 47 years old.

My favorite albums through the years are:

>Déjà vu-Crosby Stills Nash & Young

>On the beach-Neil Young

>Starting over-The Raspberries

>Darkness on the edge of town-Bruce Springsteen

>Revolver-The Beatles

>Black and blue-The Rolling Stones

>What's going on-Marvin Gaye

>Crosswinds-Billy Cobham

>Desperado-The Eagles

>Can't buy a thrill-Steely Dan

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I know what you mean Marvin, but I just figured out my favorite period in modern rock music (1967-1974). I could mention easily over 2000 songs I love, from Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple to Joss Stone, Nikka Costa, Venice, Ezio and so on. I've had times that I was into Reggae, into Symforock (Kansas, Styx, Yes), into Soul (Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye, Temptations, Arthur Conley). The last soul legend I knew personally, but he sadly passed away in November 2003. We need to talk in July, Marv, because I feel you're a musicnerd like I am.

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All my personal friends in Holland are music nerds, but I also have a normal job and a normal family, and the most important thing for me is: I have a fantastic wife, who's giving me all the freedom to enjoy my love to music. So she said, when I talked about a possibility to go to Chicago, last January: You should go, follow your heart! And afterwards she was really excited when I told her everything bout my trip to the USA to see my one and only favorite popgroup and about my stories about the nice fans I met and my meeting with the band too. And the best thing in this case is she will be joining my next trip in July to NYC. So I can asure you all that the best time of my life is yet to come and I can't hardly believe that my dreams all come true.

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I'm with Kazumi. Ever since someone mailed me the MP3 of "Cindy," I can't get it out of my head. It's such a beautiful piece of work--an almost anthemlike song of memory and loss.

One thing bugs me though--it sounds as if Eric either muffed the first line of it or it doesn't make much sense. I can't wrap my brain around its starting with "When we first met." It sounds like he's talking about the loss immediately after the meeting. I can't help but wonder if the real first words were supposed to be "When you first left..." and he just botched 'em.

Another question for "Ask Eric"?

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wim, from what I understand, the fans in the Netherlands are really passionate about their music...

One of my friends was over in Amsterdam, for some music festivals, and was totally amazed with the Dutch fans really getting into the music In fact, at the James Brown show, he witnessed a debate between two fans on which was the best backing band lineup for J.B....and these guys were very studious, and talking like they were talking about

Brahms or Mozart.....

Although Britain, Germany, and Japan are important markets for American music, the Netherlands, as well as Australia, are ones that is really passionate about music, but are often overlooked...

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"Heart Of The Matter" has a place in my heart, also. Our company had merged with another, a lot of heads rolled, and the CEO brought management into a meeting to try and mend some fences. As he was standing before us he played "Heart Of The Matter" to open the meeting. Really set the tone for what was to follow. Kirk.

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