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Benefit Dinner

HT from Mo

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I thought I would share something wonderful that has happened in my community. It has a tragic beginning but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Last week a 8 yr old boy that attends one of our elementary schools was taking a bath when he heard his mom screaming - there was a grease fire on the stove and she was trying to get the pan outside and the boy got out of the bathtub to see what was going on and he and his mom collided and subsequently was burned over 60% of his body. Most of the 3rd degree burns are on his torso, arms,legs and feet. His mother has 2nd degree burns on her arms and hands. He has been taken to Shriners Burn Unit in Cincinnati, Ohio for care. He is doing better but will need skin grafts of course over the next 10 yrs to fully recover. He is awake and talking and acting like an 8 yr old boy.

Anyway, there was a spaghetti benefit dinner held at our local community center that included not only spaghetti, meatballs, italian sausage, salad, bread w/butter, breadsticks, dessert and drinks. We had a large turnout of folks that came to have dinner and help out a boy and his family with medical expenses.

My daughter's Junior Girl Scout troop along with the troop leader and some of the parents from the troop and myself were helping serve food, clean up, etc. They did this mainly because the boy that the dinner was for, his cousin is one of the girls in my daughter's troop.

There was one large donation given by a family that had a child that was burned last year that was $2,000. The family didn't have time to say thank you in person but I thought that was a very generous donation.

Sorry this is so long but I thought that I would share something that is positive in light of all of the tragedy that we have in this world.

Thank you,


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Ronda...I agree.... We have seen over the years some great community efforts here in New Zealand too. When our region, (including our front and backyards) was flooded so many people invited people they didn't know in to their houses to have showers. Others provided meals and helped clean up.

HT... it must have been a real inspiration to see such support from your community. Well done.

Muzza cool

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