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Question for Muzza


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So I am looking at the latest Backpacker Magazine and they have this article about New Zealsnd. The photos are of these lakes in blown out volcanoes and they are a deep emerald green.

The name of the place is Tongariro North Circuit. It is a Hut to Hut hiking system. Oh My Gosh!! It is beautiful. A work colleague of mine has a 30 year old son who is currently in NZ for 2 months to do nothing but hike. I wish I was him. I have no idea where he is hiking but this place would be a great place to start.

There is another place called Heaphy Track...ever heard of these places? What can you add about them.... Is the first one on North Island and the second one on South Island?


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Phil... You are correct in that the Tongariro Tracks are in the North Is and the Heaphy track is in the South Is.

Within the Tongariro National Park are three active volcanos one of which, Ruapehu, has a crater lake. In the last few years there have been a few lahars from that lake when the mountain has increased activity. Lake Taupo, which is in the very centre of the North Is north of these mountains, was originally a volcanic crater but is now filled with water from the surrounding Mountains.

In contrast the Heaphy track in the north western corner of the South Is basically follows a river from it's source in the mountains in the region to the sea. It is in the midst of beautiful New Zealand native flora and there is a wide range of that.

Also further down the West Coast of the South Is past the glacier region is Milford track which again starts inland and ends up in the fiords, in particular, Milford Sound. It is really beautiful in that area too.

As your colleague's son has no doubt discovered, there is plenty for the Hiker/trekker type person enjoyment.

Muzza cool

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