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Kiwi & Muzza crash the Left Coast

Reid C.

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Awlright you Californites, here's your chance to show New Zealand that you care, exercise some regional pride, and put the rest of the country to shame. Come be a part of the Kiwi & Muzza Birthday Extraviganza! For what must be a pleasant break from mutton for them, the festivities will take place at Famous Dave's BBQ, more or less centrally located in delightful Long Beach. Things will get rolling at two o'clock, Sunday, April 26th. That is two weeks away so make your plans now. No reservations are needed at FD's, but they suggested that in order to get all seated together, we might want to get there a little early. I'll mention that we are all with EC.Com so they can get us pointed in the general direction. Raspberries apparel is encouraged. We are hoping that good weather will be with us so we can all eat on the patio.

If there are any questions, please feel free to PM me (yes, my box is empty again). It would be nice to know if you are coming so we can keep an eye out for you.

Famous Dave's is located at 300 South Pine Ave.,just off Shoreline Drive Drive,southwest of the Long Beach Convention Center and Arena. (805) 436-9260. Come be a part of the kickoff event as Kiwi & Muzz take a second run at the United States!

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Whoohoo...party time. insane Looking forward to meeting you all. Reid is the only one of you we have actually met so it's goin to be fun, fun, fun!!!!! spin

Did I hear a rumour that Anna was going to try and get up for it??? Hope so!!

And Paulie...I'll bring some special Lizard Tail potion to keep Tony in order!!!! laugh

Muzza happycool

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