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If I Were A Canadian I'd...(fill in the blank)


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jam a lot with Marvin and Bahoo, then probably freeze to death but have a great musical time and love the breathtaking scenery as I slowly fade away.

smile --Darlene

Thanks Darlene for the music compliment, but as I said earlier regarding the weather, it's no colder in parts of Canada than it is in NJ. You guys need to get these ridiculous images out of your minds.
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Originally posted by WendyWorld:

...I'd ask to be in James' harem.

Me too, Wendy. (Strangely, I don't know why.)

And...Unlike some of Pamela Anderson's "foreign" parts....mine are all "DD-domestic"... eye

Look elle, MORE we have in common. wink But unlike Pam, I didn't have to purchase them...not that I'm dissing Pammy and her "pillows' as I'm sure they are quiet the site for the boys! ;0
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